Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 6x Programmable Macro Keys – USB Passthrough & Media Controls… Price: $159.23 (as of 19/07/2021 23:21 PST- Details)

Aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum frame: Built to withstand a lifetime of gaming. Lightweight and rugged durability, necessary for a keyboard that’s going to see a lot of action
8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback: Allow access up to three stored profiles on the go, independent of external software. Wrist Rest: Full length, detachable, dual sided with soft touch finish. The keyboard report rate is 1000 Hz
Dynamic multicolor per key backlighting with Light Edge: Adjust each key’s color and illumination level in addition to 19 zones on the top edge light bar for sophisticated and dramatic animations

Tag: Price: $159.23 (as of 19/07/2021 23:21 PST- Details)

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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum features Cherry MX Speed key switches backed by a lightweight aluminum frame. 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback enable profile access independent of external software. Utilize the 19-zone light edge to add to dramatic animations and effects. Take advantage of the 6 programmable G-keys for in-game macros.
Aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum frame: Built to withstand a lifetime of gaming. Lightweight and rugged durability, necessary for a keyboard that’s going to see a lot of action
8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback: Allow access up to three stored profiles on the go, independent of external software. Wrist Rest: Full length, detachable, dual sided with soft touch finish. The keyboard report rate is 1000 Hz
Dynamic multicolor per key backlighting with Light Edge: Adjust each key’s color and illumination level in addition to 19 zones on the top edge light bar for sophisticated and dramatic animations
100% CHERRY MX Speed RGB mechanical key switches: Unleash blistering speed with the 1.2mm actuation and durability of gold contact CHERRY MX mechanical key switches. PC with 2 USB 2.0 ports
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista
An internet connection is required to download the Corsair Utility Engine software
6 programmable G keys for in game macros: Assign single keystrokes or complex multi key combos to any of the 6 dedicated macro keys

Specification: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 6x Programmable Macro Keys – USB Passthrough & Media Controls…



Black, Gunmetal





























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  1. Magoo

    CORSAIR KEYBOARD K95 PLATINUM – Updated July 2020

    Still the same complaints and excuses on the Corsair forums. I will NEVER buy another Corsair product again. Three new builds this year to date and I bought Razer Mechanical Keyboards. No issues whatsoever with the Razer Keyboards. Corsair failed every new build so I finally gave up and through this piece of garbage into the trash. Thanks for stealing my money Corsair, never again.DO NOT BUY THIS KEYBOARD UNTIL YOU READ ALL OF THE REVIEWS. The keyboard is made of quality materials and the key responsiveness is great, however, the hardware and software issues that come with this product are HORRIBLE. This keyboard CONTINUALLY disconnects while using it and Corsair REFUSES to acknowledge or correct the issue. BEFORE PURCHASING use a search engine and search for “Corsair Keyboard Disconnects” or “Corsair Keyboard Stopped Working”. Go to the Corsair Forums and read all the complaints that have never been addressed. Corsair’s answer is to CHARGE YOU to return a KNOWN defective product that they can”t fix but continue to sell. I will demanding a FULL REFUND. (FYI…I had to unplug and re-plug the keyboard back in 23 times while writing this, for real.)

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Absolute joy to use

    Love this keyboard. Build quality is fantastic, while there were some issues in initial setup, the keyboard has functioned perfectly.BUILD QUALITYThe build quality on this keyboard is fantastic. The metal casing on the keyboard looks and feels incredibly durable. The buttons, volume roller, and other non-key hardware all feel very solid. The wrist rest is very solid with a reversible magnetic pad. It doesn’t do much in the way of comfort but it keeps your hands in place. One side is easier to slide across, the other side gives you lots of traction if you need it. The only complaint about the build quality is the plastic pieces that attach the wrist rest to the rest of the keyboard seem a little flimsy but they snap into place, don’t move, and have no exposure so I don’t see any issues happening with them. The keycaps themselves feel a little flimsy though this is probably because they’re made to be as light as possible. I previously used a Das Ultimate S and a G910, both having heavier keycaps but these are significantly easier to press even than the G910 which was bragged about having the fastest key presses. In terms of looks the keycaps feel a bit flimsy but in terms of functionality this is probably beneficial.The USB cable is a massive heavily braided tank of a cable (sadly not detachable) at around a quarter inch thick. I doubt there will be any issues with it. The USB passthrough port is unfortunately USB 2.0 and there is only one port. It’s not a huge deal but the Das I used to use had two ports which came in handy if you use a gamepad or other peripherals for gaming and need to swap on the fly. Not a huge complaint but a second port and USB 3.0 would be nice.MX SPEED SWITCHESThe MX Speed (silver) switches are definitely not for everyone. To make a comparison, they feel like an MX Brown with half the actuation distance and less pressure needed. If anyone has used Logitech’s G Romer switches then they are like that but with the actual tactile feel of MX Browns. Great for gaming but not as good for typing as other MX switches. They’re fantastic as I’m getting used to them but I would still rather have MX Browns if I’m going to write a research paper. It’s also worth knowing that the MX speeds are significantly quieter than the MX browns.LIGHTINGThe LED lighting on the keyboard is absolutely wonderful having a brightness range between flashy light show and subtle ambient lighting. The individual LEDs don’t overflow into each other and the light bar across the top of the keyboard keeps very smooth lighting zones so running effects across it appears smooth as if it’s just one continuous LED light across the entire keyboard. My only complaint about the lighting is that the media keys, the profile switching key, mute, brightness, and windows lock keys are significantly darker than the other keys though it’s not a big deal, they just have a different visible color range.SOFTWARE AND SETUPThe new Corsair Utility Engine 2.0 (CUE) gives a surprising amount of freedom to customize the keyboard. Please note that I have not used the previous version of the software. At first glance it feels intimidating with settings everywhere even before you click the “advanced” switch. However, Corsair has plenty of video tutorials available and if you mess around with the software it’s easy to figure out how everything works. There are weird quirks with plugging in the keyboard on some motherboards. I use an MSI X99 Pro Carbon Edition and actually can only get firmware updates for theK95 to work when it’s plugged into USB 2.0 ports. Once it’s updated I can use 3.0 ports just fine but if you can’t seem to get updates to work, try a different set of USB ports. That was the only issue I had with setup.The CUE software allows you to set an unlimited number of keyboard profiles on your computer, lets you store three more on the keyboard itself, and also allows you to export profiles as a file. CUE only lets you link a profile to one application but it only takes two clicks to make a copy of a profile to link to another application.I haven’t messed with macros much yet but everything I have done is easy to use. Macros record perfectly, there is an option to insert a timed break between every action and to enable or disable keyboard events, mouse clicks, scrolling, or mouse movement, all on an individual basis. There are also options for remapping any keys on the board, customizing media controls, application launching, timers, key disabling, or even profile switching (more on that later).The lighting effects is definitely the most intimidating part of using CUE but also one of the most rewarding. The software includes a series of pre-made effects such as rainbow transitions, keypress ripples, etc. There is an option to use as many of these as you want at the same time and they can be used on individual LEDs. The fun begins once you click the advanced switch. Advanced mode lets you set custom lighting effects with their own timing, size, activation conditions, color transition gradients, brightness, activation on certain keys pressed, etc. The advanced mode takes a while to learn but it is incredibly customizable.To give an example of what it’s capable of, I play Final Fantasy XIV. In about an hour I put together a setup that assigns every one of my class’s abilities to an individual hotkey. I then set up a base lighting effect with a slow ripple in the class’s colors that slowly radiates outward across the entire board so it looks like a completely seamless transition. Then I set each of the ability hotkeys to activate its own individual lighting effect to go across the lightbar at the top of the board. These effects are color and timing matched to the abilities in the game. I then set up a like profile for each of the classes I use in the game. Lastly, I set up the keyboard to only swap between the profiles I use for FFXIV while in the game but also used a macro setup to simultaneously switch between the different keyboard profiles for each class while inputting a command in the game to switch to each of the matching classes so a single keypress switches over all of my key customizations, lighting effects, and class in the game after an hour of learning and fiddling with the keyboard. That’s just after day 1 of having the thing.All in all an absolutely fantastic keyboard combining the simplicity and hardware quality of a great dedicated typing keyboard while having the customization and functionality of a flashy gaming keyboard.

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  3. Mimir

    Has great features, but not meant for heavy use -wayyyyy over rated

    Now the mechanical keys are awesome. They are perfectly reactive and sensitive for precision control for gaming, this keyboard is not meant for typing at all with the way they are so sensitive so have a typing one handy..However, the durability is crap on this very expensive keyboard. The way the wrist rest connects to the keyboard is flimsy plastic and break very easily, there is no way to replace just the wrist rest either, only entire keyboard. More importantly and very disappointing is the keys. With use, they stick A LOT!. This is horrible especially since basic keys like space bar are stuck all the time, the actuators are overly sensitive to constant use and get stuck in the down position. I RMA the keyboard twice and problem persists. On top of that Corsair required the individual pays shipping , so I am out $80 from shipping costs on the RMA. I will never buy another Corsair keyboard no matter what, too many issues for such a expensive product. Stick with Razer who are much more user friendly and produce a superior quality product for similar price.

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  4. Thomas M.

    Gaming keys regisstering sseveral times on one presss or not aaat aaall

    (This is going to be hard to read but I am making a point by using my defective keyboard to write this review) << I spell checked this line only.Im writing thiss review using my sssecond k95, the first one i haad to return due to similar errors.You will notice severaaal extraa S’s & AA’s & CC’s registering more thaaan once or not regisstering aaat aaall, on one cclick. Thesse are not typos this is wht is haappening with my keyboaaard right now.If you aare aa Gamer you know we use our W,A,S,D keys to move and I do not game every day aand I certaaainly don’t haaammer my keys.I usually buy nothing but corsair, my maaachine looks like a billboaard for their compaany.But this is the laast time I purccchaasse aa Corsair keyboard. At the price I expecct more quaality.Sinccce I prccchaaased this keyboard in Jaanuaaaary I aaam probabbly out of luck on a 3rd replaacement.I thought moving up from the k70 would be aan upgraadde but its aa nightmaare.A reaal shame ssince I kinda liked this keyboard when it worked thaaat is…

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  5. A Real Tech

    This truly is a Gamer’s Keyboard <3 It (Note: I manually changed to white Corsair Keycaps)

    I am a very picky individual. If you are like me, then you compare compare compare! I previously owned the Razer Huntsman Elite and Corsair K70 Rapidfire along with other Mechanical Keyboards over the past couple years.Why I prefer this keyboard compared to the Razer & other Corsair Keyboards.Pros- I love the texture of the keys. I did change mine from the black to the Corsair white keys. But both the original and Corsair White replacement keys feel so good on the fingertips. I changed mine simply for more color on my desk.- Volume dials and easily accessible buttons. Nowadays, I must have a volume dial on my keyboards. It’s easy to listen to spotify and just hit next, turn up & down the volume. It’s also nice being able to see if you have your Numlock on as well as the ability to “lock, turn off lighting” directly on the keyboard.- Functionality. This keyboard offers amazing software. It was simple for me to setup, easy to customize. I love that you can use Corsair Link if you have other Corsair Products. (as I use a Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB for gaming)- Simplicity & Elegance. This keyboard is just beautiful to look at. I personally prefer the RGB lighting on top compared to my other Razer Hunstman Elite. I just feel it’s a more elegant keyboard to look at.- The material the keyboard is made of is top notch. I love the aluminum frame. When you are installing or moving it. You can just feel the quality of this keyboard.- Works perfectly after removing/replacing the keycaps. I had issues with Razer keyboards in the past that keys would get stuck after replacing. Not an issue at all with Corsair. Still running strong.- Lastly – this keyboard is easy to clean. I’ve used other keyboards that just tends to get anything and everything inside it. I love the raised keys so you can use a little air can and get any dust or particles off the keyboard easy. I also have no problem keeping the face of the keyboard clean.Con- The only thing I can come up with that I would improve upon on this keyboard is the wrist rest. I don’t care that it doesn’t have RGB, I actually prefer it not to but the wrist rest has a slant and doesn’t really help prevent me for long hours of gaming or web/graphic design when I spend all day on the PC. I think it needs to be a bit more elevated and less slope. This is easily replaceable though with any wrist rest you prefer. I like the memory foam 1/2 inch to 1″ thick wrist rest for long hours of use to help prevent carpal tunnel.Photos: I took one of the full keyboard, along with zoomed in larger photos so you could see the design and layout up close and personal.Changes: Replaced the original keys with CORSAIR Gaming PBT Double-Shot Keycaps Full 104/105-Keyset – White. This is not necessary for those who prefer the black original keys. I replaced mine for visual preference to match other desktop accessories like Yeti White microphone and White AudioEngine speakers.Length of Use: We purchased the product on Sept. 5th 2018. I prefer to install/use the product before I leave feedback on a product because I want to give a thorough review after use. I use the keyboard for at least 8-12 hours a day and almost 6 days a week.

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  6. NEURO

    Repeating keys issue – RMA’d four of these keyboards so far

    I bought this keyboard in January 2019 and have RMA’d it for replacement to Corsair four times now. Each time, I receive a brand new K95…and each one has failed with this repeating keys issue.This keyboard has a design or manufacturing flaw that causes random letter keys to repeat 3-5x while typing. Consistently, each keyboard replacement that Corsair sent would be fine out of the box, but within 2-3 months the repeating keys issue would occur. And there’s no solution or fix.I’m currently on my fourth replacement K95…and at one month old, it now has the issue and I have to RMA it this week.This is ridiculous for Corsair’s flagship keyboard and at this high a price. Not only that, but I had to pay shipping of about $20 each time to send them back to Corsair. So including the price of the K95, I’m now out an additional $80 just for all the shipping costs, plus the inconvenience of packing it up and going to the post office each time, then waiting a week for a replacement.Each time I’ve RMA’d one, I asked support if they’re aware of this issue and/or fixed it. Corsair support completely ignores the question and never answers it, sometimes giving a smart-ass annoying response, but never answering the question. Ever. All they do is send you another one after they receive the bad one, while ignoring your questions.I’ve used Corsair PSU’s, memory sticks, and other parts for almost 20 years in computers that I build for myself, friends, family, and clients. They’ve always been good products. The only products that I’ve seen fail so miserably are their mechanical keyboards. I’ve had a couple different models, including this atrocious K95. Corsair simply makes terrible mechanical keyboards and never fixes the issues with them.I don’t game or pound on the keyboard. I code, do graphics work, do email, surf the web, etc. Normal stuff in an office environment. But I like my computer gear to be top-notch and attractive, so I’ll spend the dollars for the best gear & parts. The K95 is a beautiful keyboard…even the unboxing is luxurious, like opening a Tiffany’s box…it’s simply beautiful. But the K95’s quality is terrible and I’m tired of replacing it ever 1-3 months and paying to do so.Corsair…get your act together and fix this thing because I’m about to leave you and jump to a competitor’s keyboards and products, seeing how impotent you’ve been fixing this thing.

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  7. Richard C. Mangan

    OMG I love to type on this keyboard.

    I am not a K & M nerd, or I wasn’t before I bought this. I was just looking to try a more ergonomic keyboard and I wondered what the hype was about mechanical keyboards. I did a little research and it seems that this one is the highest rated overall for an extended keyboard with macros. I am so impressed that I keep trying to find reasons to boot up and type.Pros:-Key pressing feels great. The feedback and sound is super gratifying.-The LED’s color range, brightness, and programmable display patterns are impressive.-The software capabilities for programming LED’s and Macros are wonderful once understood.-The keyboard has no latency whatsoever IMO.-I can’t seem to overstate how well made this keyboard feels. The base is metal and heavy feeling. The wrist rest rotates, the mounting is easy, the rubber part is held on with a magnetic strip so you can pop it off and clean it easily. The keys respond well and the switch mechanism feels solid. There is no play in the keys except to give for typing. The volume roller bar is solid and moves well. This keyboard is a wonderfully made device.-This keyboard can sync with other Corsair LED lit devices to have a continuous pattern.Cons:-The software can take a couple of minutes to understand, but I must say that I figure anyone willing to spend close to $200 on a keyboard is probably PC savvy enough to figure out pretty simple programming software.-The macro profiles saved to the device firmware don’t allow certain higher functions that are saved to the PC profies such as program launching. Also certain lighting profiles that you can stack on the PC profiles (such as have a base static color and other moving light profiles on top of the static one) don’t save to the hardware firmware. I understand that some of this is more than likely a storage size issue or the fact that one pc to another will have different program save data paths so it makes sense, I just want to note that it exists.Overall impression: I would recommend this keyboard to anyone with the cash to spend on this wonderfully built and designed piece of hardware. It has truly been a treat to own and operate this keyboard.

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  8. Raquel A.

    Steep entry fee, remarkable keyboard

    Tldr; version: If you like lights and keys that actuate at a feather touch, then you will want this keyboard. With that out of the way, I’ll go in depth about certain elements of the keyboard.Keys:I was initially attracted to this keyboard because of the Cherry MX Speed keys utilized in it. I am used to various types of mechanical keys, but had been using a Logitech G910 with Romer-G switches for well over a year. Several reviews I have read have compared the MX Speed switches to the Romer-G due to the similar actuation force and engage, and this isn’t exactly off. Every time I try to think of a comparison for these switches, I think of the Sanwa Denshi OSBF-30 arcade buttons. Much like those buttons, these keys actuate if you simply breath on them; I have actually engaged therm with a spray from my compressed air can while cleaning. While this is mostly positive, there are some things to consider.The keys will engage if you apply even a light touch to them, and if you’re used to keys that require a little more weight for actuation, you may find yourself accidentally depressing keys when you don’t mean to, especially if you like to idle on home row. This, of course, is something that you can adjust for, and the switches seem to lose this as you break them in. With that being said, the MX Speed keys are very easy to press, especially in rapid succession. Again, though, if you are not used to typing on keys such as this, you will probably find yourself bottoming out quite often, so you need to either (A)adapt or (B)buy some o-ring dampeners to help relieve the feel of bottoming out.Curiously, the space bar has a textured feel to it, which I am still not sure whether I appreciate or not, and would have liked Corsair to offer a non-textured space bar included with the rest of the alternate keycaps, which I will detail later.Lights:So, if you weren’t aware, Corsair puts lights on everything but their chairs ( much to my disappointment ). To up the ante compared to previous keyboards, they have implemented a RGB light strip across the type of the keyboard. As you probably already know, you can customize the lighting in any way you want. You can stack lighting effects on top of each other to achieve several effects ( something you still cannot do in Logitech’s software ). The lighting is bright, but comes with two caveats. (1) The LEDs are centered at the top of the switch, so keys with double rows of text are dimmer on the bottom. Because of this, the lighting on the keys isn’t quite as uniform as it is on some other keyboards with centered LEDs or keycaps made specifically to accommodate the top-mounted light. (2)Because the body of the switch is clear, they emit light from all sides, which causes bleedout from under the keycaps. Whether you like this or not depends on personal taste, and almost every illuminated keyboard aside from Logitech’s Romer-G keyboards suffer from this. It’s not a bad thing, just a result of how the keys are crafted.The RGB LED strip on top of the keyboard has its own problems. The lighting is uneven and you can tell where there LEDs are placed and the space between them because of the dark zones here and there. This is less noticeable if you have a rapidly moving effect, but on static lighting, it is very glaring. While this could be forgiven, Corsair’s own Polaris mousepad, which has a led strip on the entire side and bottom perimeter of the mousepad, does not have this problem; the lighting is completely even. I am confused why my $50 mousepad has more even lighting than my $200 keyboard, when it has to be more or less constructed in the same way.Body:The keyboard itself appears to be a single piece of “aircraft grade aluminum,” according to Corsair’s own description. It is a very elegant look with a fair amount of weight behind it. Imperfections are obvious, if there are any ( mine had a weird stripe on it out of the package that I had really wipe and buff out ), and it likes to attract dust in the thin lines of the metal. Not a big deal and usually cleans easily with a can of air or a microfiber cloth.Wrist rest:I have used a K95 before and was a little surprise to find that the wrist rest on the Platinum is really not as good as the previous rest found on other models. On previous keyboards, the wrist rest was attached solidly with screws. That is not the case here, and if you left the keyboard without support of the rest, it may fall off since it’s only held in by two plastic tabs. Not a big deal, but when you’re supposed to be “getting it all,” on a “Platinum” product, you’d expect it to have all the bells and whistles, including a more sturdy wrist rest. Aside from that, it functions well enough and offers a double sided rubberized padding; one is softer, the other has a little more texture. I am not sure why anyone would ever want the softer, less textured side, but to each their own.Unlike the hollow plastic of the Logitech G910 and several Razer keyboards, this thing is a hefty chunk of plastic, so it’s going to take a lot of rage to break it.Extra Features:So, the extra features on the keyboard are (1)6 macro keys, (2)Media control keys, (3)Profile switch keys, (4)Illumination control key, (5)Windows Lockout key, (6) USB passthrough, (7) underside cable routing, and (8) additional keycaps.Another odd choice in naming conventions is why Corsair decided to call this the K95, which is known for having 18 macro keys on the left side compared to 6. It’s not a big deal, but it is odd, but I have also realized as games have simplified, there’s not really a need for 18 macros for what I do. More keys are handy for image/video editing, so if you need more than 6 macro keys, this may not be the keyboard for you. This seems to suit me and I imagine it would be fine for most gamers, though. Unlike the rest of the keyboard, the macro keys have a textured gray finish on top and are angled to the left so that you know when you’re pushing them. I’ve never really had any problems telling what key I am pressing, but I suppose that’s a welcome addition.Like many higher grade keyboards, the K95 Platinum has media control keys that allow you to control your music tracks, volume, and muting. Pretty standard and unlike certain keyboards, blend in well with the overall design. The volume wheel is quite luxurious, but overall, these are nothing to write home about, much like the profile switch and windows lockout keys. These are things that should more or less be standard on any backlit gaming keyboard with macros, so I won’t waste too much time on that.The USB passthrough is handy, although it does require a second USB port on the keyboard. If you don’t want to use it, you can choose not to plug in the USB connector with the USB marker on it and save a USB port on your computer. It is however, handy, especially if you are using a headset which has a cable that can fit in the underside routing on the bottom of the keyboard. I believe this feature was noticeably absent on some of Corsair’s initial RGB offerings, which is probably why it’s back on this model…As for the underside cable routing, there are two tracks in an X-shape along the bottom center of the keyboard and two straight lanes on the wrist rest to lead the cable out of. Whoever designed this only designed it for the Corsair Void’s non-braided, thin cable. It takes a mighty thin cable to fit in these tracks, and anything that is braided likely won’t fit. It’s a neat feature, but could have used a little more development put behind it to accommodate more products. As it stands, you might be able to fit a phone charge cable in the tracks, but I could not fit the USB cable for the Logitech G633 headset into these tracks; again, though, the cable for the Corsair Void USB headset fits fine.Corsair includes replacement keycaps and a standard keycap puller for MOBA and FPS gaming in mind. These caps have the same texture as the space bar and the macro keys and are angled in such a way as to bring attention and center your hands in one place. They seem nice and do help in finding keys, but I can’t imagine anyone that is an actual professional gamer ever needing them. The keycap puller is a very cheap standard plastic puller, so I would suggest care in removing keys, as this sort of puller can damage the sides of keys if the user is not careful.Software:You need the Corsair Utility Engine to support macros and customize the lighting of the keyboard. The current version, CUE 2, is a godsend compared to the original CUE that Corsair launched a year previously. While CUE 2 still has bugs, more and more of these seem to get ironed out with each new update. The important thing, however, is that CUE 2 is usable by just about anyone. The original CUE software was universally panned as unstable and complicated, issues which Corsair has handled. I say mostly because I do still experience a few crashes, but only when trying to open the software, and there are still issues with upgrading the software itself through the software’s built-in upgrade feature. This is important, because I had originally sworn off Corsair products a year prior, because the CUE software would just crash whenever it wanted to–including in the middle of a game. This is no longer the case, though, and there is even a open source alternative if you have problems with the CUE 2 software. I generally find very few issues with the official CUE 2 software though.All in all, you are getting what you pay for with the K95 Platinum. There are a few minor things to consider, but overall you are getting a beautiful looking keyboard with some of the best Cherry MX keycaps for gaming and typing. There are less expensive options, of course, but none of them seem to quite nail it as well as the K95 Platinum.

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  9. Gunny

    My LAST Keyboard

    Over the past several decades (showing my age), I have used a lot of keyboards, but due to $$ I just never purchased a “Mechanical” keyboard . Than, slowly, the prices started to drop and the mechanical keyboards started getting ALL of the bells and whistles added onto them. So, over the past year or so, I have been seriously considering the purchase of a mechanical keyboard. So, I went out to the brick and mortar stores to try out what was on their shelves. The rest I reviewed through YouTube and finally, I came to Amazon to read the personal reviews of the people laying down the cash. I looked into every mechanical keyboard above the $100.00 price point, which was quite a few. But when it came time to lay down MY cash, I opted for the keyboard that was best described as the “Cadillac of Keyboards” and I must confess, I AGREE! This keyboard will most likely be the last keyboard I ever need to buy and I have NO problem with that. This keyboard is so far ahead of its time, that it is almost future proof. It has every option known to be available for mechanical keyboards and then there is its appearance, which is stunning! This keyboard looks amazing with the RGB lights off, but when you turn them on and trust me, you will want to turn them ON, that is when this keyboard starts to really strut its stuff! Now I could go on and on about the Pro’s and Con’s, but I think that has been pretty much been done by several other reviewers, so instead, I will just point out a couple of things that are my pet peeves. One of my biggest pet peeves are with the keyboards who just don’t stay in one spot, no matter what you do or try, NO matter what, they just slide all over the desk. Well, this keyboard has NOT moved once, period! This is a FIRST for me and no keyboard has EVER accomplished this. Next, size, this keyboard IMO is the perfect size. Not too small, but too large. It is the perfect size and feels that way as well when you type on it. The Wrist rest is the next item of contention and this one is spot on! The magnetic insert on this wrist rest was someone’s epiphany and boy did they get it right, comfort, ease of use and comfort (oh did I already say that)! To be honest, I love this keyboard and the fact that it is a tad pricey, doesn’t bother me, because in the case of this keyboard, you are getting what you paid for and oh boy will you be happy! So, in conclusion, if you want a keyboard that will be with you a very long time and one that will make you happy for as long as you own it, look no further, you have finally found it with the Corsair K95 Platinum!UPDATE 06/17/17: So, I have been using the Corsair K95 Platinum for about a month now and I still am giving the keyboard 5 stars, The keyboard has not misbehaved once and has done everything I have asked it to do. However, there are some things that I do need to point out as they are a tad “Sticky”:1. The Cherry MX Speed Switches – This is my first time using them and boy are they touchy. Now when I say “Touchy” I mean “SENSITIVE”. They are very reactive and the slightest pressure gets the job done. Coming from a membrane keyboard (Logitech G15), where you had to use a lot of pressure to get a key to actuate, this keyboard is at the other end of that spectrum, which is NOT by any means a bad thing. Just something to be aware of, because you will have to adjust how you type and use this keyboard, if you are coming from the membrane world of keyboards. After using this keyboard for about a month now, I have gradually learned the right typing style and now can fully appreciate the Cherry MX Speed Switches.2. Software – The software is top notch and very user friendly in the “BASIC” mode.. But when you want to move into the “ADVANCED” mode, get ready for a learning curve. See in the Advanced mode, well, that is where you can do anything and everything to this keyboard and I mean anything! You can customize each and every key on this keyboard and in MULTIPLE layers at that! I also do not like running software if I am not actively using it, just a pet peeve of mine, but in order to use this software effectively, you will need to not only have it running, but actively loaded and running behind the scenes as well. If you start the software and then minimize it, it will lock your keyboard out of the stored onboard memory profiles and only allow you to use the “Default” profile. In order to use the three profiles you have created in the software, the software will need to stay up and running, NOT minimized. I get why that is happening, but I don’t agree with it. So, I custom created the stored onboard memory profiles to what I like and generally just leave the software turn off. The software has a purpose, but once that purpose is accomplished, I really don’t need to have it actively running and using resources. However, if you get addicted to the advanced aspects of the software, and like using that area of the software, you will need to have the software running all the time, as the advanced settings and profiles are only in the software, as least as far as I can determine. Again, just being picky!So that completes my update. The Corsair K95 Platinum remains a 5 Star rating and is holding its own. I still maintain, this will be the last keyboard I will ever need to buy. I really cannot see another keyboard coming out with some option this keyboard doesn’t already offer. Time will tell…………………

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  10. Daniel Selvidge

    Not impressed. Medium Quality, High Price

    EDIT : After a couple weeks the keyboard began to produce duplicated key presses. This would result in a few keys generating multiples of themselves when pressed. The keyboard was returned for a replacement and low and behold, the same issue appeared immediately on the new keyboard. It is very clear these keyboards are made with low quality parts and sold way above the actual value. This trend seems to be hitting all new Corsair products including the H150i which has been returned for replacement with Corsair 6x in 1 year now and no longer is used in my build. I can not currently recommend Corsair products while they are being produced in such low quality. Save yourself from having to constantly send it in for repairs and find a keyboard with at least a life span that reaches the warranty period. These keyboards do not seem to be able to survive even moderate use.While the keyboard itself feels at least medium quality, the software is absolute junk. I have yet to have the software stay active while playing games. The iCue app is constantly crashing, sometimes locking up the entire system or ending in a BSoD. Disabling the software removes the crashing. The cause of all this? The way iCue monitors system information. After researching my error I came to find that several others have this issue as well and Corsair has stated it was due to the sensor reading methods they use. In my case, I didnt have 3rd party monitor software I could disable so all offered solutions by Corsair were useless. It appears Corsair got ahead of themselves and bit off way more than they can chew.NOTE : The software seems to run a lot better on Window 7 than it does on 10 although I did experience moments of intense lag at times with errors mirroring the Windows 10 errors without the BSoD, just app crashing.

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