Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition – PlayStation 5 Price: $35.35 (as of 08/05/2021 11:31 PST- Details)

Blood burns with a blue Flame as Vergil joins the fight!
Powered up for the next-generation of gaming Hardware.
New gameplay modes Made possible by the increased processing power

Tag: Price: $35.35 (as of 08/05/2021 11:31 PST- Details)

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Platform:PlayStation 5

Devil May Cry 5 is back, and now upgraded for next-generation Consoles! Several years after the order of the sword incident, a new demonic threat has invaded our world. It’s up to the legendary Devil hunters Dante and Nero to stop it, with the newcomer V joining forces with them. These three Men’s fates are tied together in mysterious and surprising ways. In Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, blistering speed meets impeccable control for an incredibly tight gameplay experience as you work your way through the thrilling story. This optimized version of the original release represents the pinnacle of stylish action and was recognized with numerous game awards! • blood burns with a blue Flame as Vergil joins the fight! Dante’s twin brother and longtime rival Vergil are now available as a playable character. Take this new Challenger through both the Vergil mode and the challenging bloody palace! • powered up for the next-generation of gaming hardware. Fine-tune your experience with gorgeous and photorealistic lighting effects using rays-tracking, the highest resolution possible, or the smoothest framerates the series has ever offered. • new gameplay modes made possible by the increased processing power: turbo mode ramps up the gameplay speed, And legendary dark Knight mode, which throws more demons at you than ever before. • Includes additional content released separately from the original version, including the Contents of the Devil May Cry Deluxe upgrade, the original pre-order exclusive ex color costumes, and the bloody palace mode! Not enough? You’ll also hear the action unfold around you with incredible 3D sound, and loading times go by in a blink to keep the thrills coming. All of this with even more intense new modes so you can push your style to the Max.

Blood burns with a blue Flame as Vergil joins the fight!
Powered up for the next-generation of gaming Hardware.
New gameplay modes Made possible by the increased processing power
Includes additional content released separately from the original version

10 reviews for Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition – PlayStation 5

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  1. Justina

    It’s worth buying

    I love the game I’ve been playing devil May cry since the ’90s PlayStation 1 great purchase it’s even better on a PlayStation 5

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  2. Thomas Johnson

    Must own!


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  3. Newt

    An addition to one of the best action games of the past few years!

    One of my favorite action games, a step-up from the original release for sure.If you’ve never played DMC5, this is the best edition to go for hands down. If you have and are curious exactly what’s changed, I’ll detail some below.-As with every DMC Special Edition, you can now play as Vergil!-They’ve upgraded the graphics to work with the next-gen systems, rather than just straight porting it and adding some features – achieving 4K at 30FPS or 1080p at 60FPS with ray tracing enabled, With it disabled, you’ll hit 120FPS at 4K.-Load times greatly reduced (big complaint of the original release).-Features 3D Audio so you can hear where enemies are based on sound alone.-The Turbo Mode returns from DMC3SE! (1.2x game speed).-Legendary Dark Knight Mode added (Son of Sparda difficulty + tons more enemies)All the above are for all platforms of the game clearly, but this would never be possible on the PS4/Xbone. So if you’re a fan of DMC and somehow skipped out on this release, I highly recommend this as you won’t be let down.

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  4. Adel Kamel Boabbas

    DMC 2020

    Nice remaster version of the game

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  5. Bryce Goodman

    Captivating Action

    Awesome Devil May Cry game for the PS5. I can’t wait to play as Vergil

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  6. Krystal

    PS 5 game

    Great game my son loves playing this game

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic Game Again!

    The original game was a 10 out of 10. This special edition brings it up to an 11! DMC is back!

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  8. Bryce Benda



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  9. Mark Williams

    I Love it!!!

    Fantastic game that came in perfect condition! As of this review, PS4 and PS5 saves are not compatible. Let’s hope capcom can change this later on/soon.

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  10. Vincent

    Definitive Edition, List of Changes.

    Expanded Re-release of Devil May Cry 5. Most of the changes revolve around enhance performance for the PS5 hardware. Core experience is the same. Going to go through list of changes then tag on my original review of the game.If you own the original, the save data does not transfer over==List of Changes:1. New Playable Character: Virgil. Play as him through entire game instead of switching charactersOnly 2 additional cutscenes (opening and ending). Rest of the game, other cutscenes won’t play (makes sense seeing the story)If you have PS4 or original versions of the game, Virgil is DLC for $4.99His play style revolves around his concentration bar. Has 3 levels with 3 bars per level.The more bars you get opens up more moves, larger hit boxes and more damage.Virgil has an attack precision focused playstyle as doing damages increases meter and taking damage decreases meter. You also need to constantly lock onto one enemy for your meter not to drop. If you whiff or miss an attack (attack doesn’t land on enemy) you also lose meter.Virgil has a finishing move called ‘World of V’. Uses up all meter to do large AOE damage to enemies. More meter does more damage, and higher chances of green healing orb drops.2. Legendary Dark Knight Mode: Instead of battling half a dozen, there’s several making it dynasty warriors-esk, but much higher damage when enemies hit you3. Turbo mode: 1.2x speed. Makes game 20% faster, but disables ray tracing4. Ray tracing: 4k/30fps, or 1080p/60fps5. High frame rate mode: 1080p, Up to 120fps, no ray tracing.Frame rate does dip in this mode from 70-120 depending on how much is going on onscreen. May throw off timing of combos6. Almost non existent load times.There is 1-3 second loading screen. Wish there was a fade to black for better cinematic transition7. PS5 DualSense controller / 3D audioAdaptive triggers and haptic feedback is very minimal. Barely even feel itColor on controller changes depending playable character: blue for Nero, purple for V, red for Dante, and teal for VergilHas 3D audio if you have compatible headset8. Includes all DLC from Deluxe Edition Upgrade and pre-order bonuses9. PSN trophies.Separate trophy list from original. Most are the same, they just added some for VirgilMost are objective and difficulty basedIf you own the original, there’s little reason to purchase this game unless you want extra challenge in Legendary Dark Night Mode, better graphics, and no loading screens. Core game is the same, and you can purchase Virgil for $5 as DLC. Original game as of this review goes for $20 compared to $40 for Special edition.===Onto my original review:Aiming for SSS (Smokin’ Sexy Style) RankVery fun action gameStory is very basic. There’s a high level demon named Urizen taking over the world, big battle in the beginning separating the 3 main characters. They all escape with their lives, have to level up/figure out a way to defeat the main boss. A lot of tongue and cheek humor and hi-jinks. You do not need to play Devil My Cry (DMC) 1-4, although there are some references and cameos. The story and plot is generally self contained. There is a History of DMC option on the main menu screen if you want to keep up or get a refresher. Game is very linear in scope, going from point A to point B with some branching paths.Combo based. You get ranked by doing combination of attacks and taunts without getting hit.Ranking for each stage are from D to SSS (Smokin’ Sexy Style). If you get hit at the last minute, you can drop multiple ranks which can be discouraging as the game expects you to be a perfectionist especially in the higher difficulty settings.Game’s story and stages are easy to get through, but getting high scores is another factor entirely which increases replay value if you’re into that sort of thing. There is a New Game + with ability and difficulty unlocks.You play 3 characters Dante, Nero and V.Nero is a high damage character. Guns feel weighty compared to Dante and combo potential is lower due to his slower speed. Has a Devil Breaker ability which is a grapple hookshot to bring in enemies. There are prosthetic arms you can equip with different abilities and stats attributes like homing missiles and bombs.Dante plays like he does in the previous DMC games. All rounder: short and long range character with a lot of combo potential. He doesn’t show up until have way through the campaign giving you time to get accustomed to the new characters, which also make you feel overpowered (especially compared to Nero) once he’s playable, if you’re used to playing the character in past gamesV. New character to the series. Basically a necromancer who summons a panther (melee), crow (range attack), and golem. The golem is on a special meter and when summoned does high damage for a short amount of time till it disappears and have to build up meter again. You do have to the finishing blow on enemies though, so you can’t run into the corner and let your summons do all the work. Basically a hit-and-run type play style.There are microtractions where you can purchase Red orbs. Not really needed in my opinion unless you want to pay up front to be overpowered with all abilities. It’s like the recent Assassin’s Creed game where you pay to progress faster. Don’t like the fact that if you don’t have enough red orbs and accidentally select a upgrade you can’t afford, that the game will prompt you to the PSN store. Also continues cost red orbs too if you want to not start over and ruin your score. You can get in-game gold orbs which helps with continues without affecting scoreOverall, very fun game if you’re into a combo based action game with over-the-top humor and action

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    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition – PlayStation 5
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition – PlayStation 5 Price: $35.35 (as of 08/05/2021 11:31 PST- Details)

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