Gamersgate best games promos for GTAV, Funcom, the Walking Dead franchise, and many Indie games

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Gamersgate best games promos

Gamersgate has started new promos for GTAV, Funcom games, the Walking Dead franchise, and many Indie games. As usual, they are offering extra discounts in several regions where games usually cost the most (North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and most of Western Europe), and you will find two banners for the respective promotions, reflecting both discount levels. Please find links, durations, and banners below:


Funcom (until July 26th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 15000180

image 100303334 15000181


GTA V (until July 29th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 15000182

image 100303334 15000183


Frontier Developments (until July 27th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 15000175

image 100303334 15000176


Skybound (until July 23th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 15000193

image 100303334 15000194


11bit Studios (until July 26th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 15000165

image 100303334 15000166


Team 17 (until July 28th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 15000195

image 100303334 15000196


Curve Digital (until July 26th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 15000170

image 100303334 15000172


Indies W29-1 (until July 23th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 15000186

image 100303334 15000187

image 100303334 15000191

image 100303334 15000192


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