Gamersgate Promos from 2K, Ubisoft, Indie; FarCry, Red Dead REdemption2

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Gamersgate Promos from 2K, Ubisoft, Indie

Gamersgate has started new promos for games from 2K, Ubisoft, and many Indie publishers. As usual, they are offering extra discounts in several regions where games usually cost the most (North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and most of Western Europe), and you will find two banners for the respective promotions, reflecting both discount levels. Please find links, durations, and banners below:


2K (until July 26th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584076

image 100303334 14584077


FarCry franchise (until July 22nd, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584086

image 100303334 14584087


Red Dead Redemption 2 (until July 21st, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584100

image 100303334 14584101


For Honor (until July 20th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584090

image 100303334 14584091


Aspyr (until July 19th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584080

image 100303334 14584081


CI Games (until July 19th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584084

image 100303334 14584085


Headup Games (until July 19th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584094

image 100303334 14584095


Indies W28 (until July 19th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584096

image 100303334 14584097


Stardock (until July 19th, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584102

image 100303334 14584103


Unreal franchise (until July 22nd, midnight UTC)

image 100303334 14584106

image 100303334 14584107




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Summer Feast 1

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Summer Feast 3

Summer Feast 4

Summer Feast 5

Sweet Sale Savings in Green Man Gaming’s Summer Feast


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