Nintendo Switch Lite – Blue Price: $198.99 (as of 19/07/2021 23:06 PST- Details)

Handheld Nintendo Switch gaming
Optimized for personal, handheld play; Nintendo Switch Lite is a small and light Nintendo Switch system
Features a sleek, unibody design with fully integrated controls and a built in plus Control Pad

Tag: Price: $198.99 (as of 19/07/2021 23:06 PST- Details)

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Handheld Nintendo Switch gaming at a great price
Optimized for personal, handheld play, Nintendo Switch Lite is a small and light Nintendo Switch system
Features a sleek, unibody design with fully integrated controls and a built-in +Control Pad
Compatible with all physical and digital Nintendo Switch games that support Handheld mode

Specification: Nintendo Switch Lite – Blue



Coral, Gray, Turquoise, Yellow


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  1. Sunny

    Love my NS Lite and Dacckit Carrying Case !

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     Amazing console. Not to big, not to small. There is something that just feels more intimate about a handheld device you can play while sitting on the couch in a relaxed position. Or even more being able to take the experience with you and combat the total boredom of a three hour layover at the airport, followed by another half day in a cramped airplane.And my Dacckit Carrying case for Nintendo Switch lite is Perfect fit.Beautiful appearance with High Quality. Highly recommended to every one who ordered the NS Lite.

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  2. Burgh Mom

    Useless – not really portable.

    I strongly recommend AGAINST buying the Switch Lite. Downloaded content can only be played while connected to the internet. HUGE downside and problem since this is meant to be portable!!! Additionally, my 7 year old son can’t play ANY of the games that we purchased in the E-Shop for him because we purchased them under our adult profiles (a Nintendo rule!). This item is USELESS.

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  3. Kit Swanson

    Mostly impressed

    Here we have the Switch Lite, for those who are ready to ditch the TV and make your Switch entirely a portable device.Let’s talk about that for a moment. This is an entirely portable device, just a tiny bit larger than a Vita (for the seven of you who have one of those), and with a screen about the size of the average smart phone. The form factor is definitely smaller than that of the regular Switch, and it’s much lighter. It’s really very comfortable to use.The JoyCons are no more. They still exist, in the sense that you can have external ones attached to this baby, but the system has a pair built in. Now with external ones, you could probably play some two player games together, but honestly I don’t much see the point.The screen quality is excellent. Breath of the Wild and Smash look amazing. The games play well, too. It takes a hot second to get used to the controls, but once you’re there, you’re golden. The sound quality is also very good.The one complaint that I have about the system is the same complaint we’ve all had about Nintendo in general for years: the online component. I have two X Box 1 S systems (don’t ask why), and with those, my game saves, and downloaded games are easily available on both systems. I don’t even have to really put any effort into it.With the Switch and Switch Lite, it’s different. You have to go through several annoying steps in order to make it happen, and even then, you have to set up one as your primary system and the other as the secondary (I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this yet).That complaint aside, and it isn’t a small complaint, I’m quite pleased. It’s another worthy handheld for Nintendo!

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  4. James Sun

    Joy-Con Drift is STILL a problem on the Switch Lite

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     The Switch Lite was my first Switch ever. I’ve always wanted one, and when the Lite was announced for 100 dollars less than the OG model, I knew it was finally time to bite the bullet. I pre-ordered it, got it on Day 1, and played it… a lot. And you know what? It was amazing. Everything positive you hear about these little guys is 100% correct.However, weird stuff started happening in my games after a few days. My character in Mario Kart would randomly turn right, and my fighters in Smash Ultimate would do the same. I did some Googling to see what the problem was… and you probably already know what I’m going to say next.I had it. The infamous “Joy-Con Drift”. I had it on my left analog stick 5 days after receiving my Lite.(Background info: “Joy-Con Drift” is a pervasive issue that exists with current Switch controllers, where the analog sticks will start moving things in game by themselves, even without any input from the player. This is due to a fundamental problem with the components inside every analog stick. Unfortunately, every Joy-Con has the potential to drift, sooner or later. And as many tear-down videos on Youtube will demonstrate, the Switch Lite analog sticks are made from the exact same parts as the Switch OG analog sticks)You have no idea how disappointed I am. I know I can return and exchange my Lite for another one, but do I really want to? It’s very likely that my next unit will develop the same problem. Maybe I’ll be luckier and NOT have it happen in the first week of play, but it is likely to happen a few months, or a year down the line. When that happens, I won’t have Amazon’s return policy to serve as a parachute, and I’ll have to send the entire thing to Nintendo directly. It’s just a huge headache.But you know what? I really loved the Switch over the 5 days that I had it. I think that speaks volumes about the quality of the platform and the games, and I don’t want to stop playing. In the end, I decided to return my Lite and get an “new-and-improved” regular Switch. Now, I know it’s just as susceptible to the Joy-Con issue, but it’s a lot easier to send a single Joy-Con than an entire Switch Lite, and Nintendo have already announced that they will repair Joy-Cons completely for free.That being said (and it breaks my heart to say this), I can’t recommend the Switch Lite to anyone while the Joy-Con Drift issue remains unresolved.As a bonus, I included a video of my drift in action. I have a few of these saved on my phone, but this one is my personal favorite, since you can see the in game cursor moving to the right EVEN AS I’M HOLDING THE STICK TO THE LEFT. QQ.

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  5. Nathan H

    PARENTS BEWARE: This could be useless to you too!

    Gave it 5 stars because there is nothing wrong as described, but parents may want to read this:I have two kids and we already own the original Nintendo Switch and have amassed over 40 games throughout the 2.5 years since the Switch’s release. The Switch Lite although nothing physically wrong with it, is completely useless to me and my family. I have two young kids, and all 3 of us have our own profiles which are linked under my main account via Nintendo ID. The problem is is that only the main account holder (me) can play the purchased games on both devices. So the Switch Lite does not work for either of my kids, only my main account. Yes, this can be switched by changing which Switch device is the “primary” switch, but the fact still remains that under NO conditions can my kids play both switch consoles at the same time, even if it is two separate games. If you have cartridges instead of digital downloads, you will not have this problem. I just fail to understand Nintendo’s logic with this. I understand that they are trying to protect their own content from unauthorized use, but in doing so are rendering their newest device completely useless to customers like me. I will be returning.

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  6. Peter

    Excellent hardware, horrible OS for sharing

    Do not buy this as a second switch especially if you are using family sharing. You will be forced to purchase second copies of games.We returned our purchase after an hour of stumbling through the lack of sharing options.Via polygon:The lack of any kind of family sharing for games, or even just a robust digital rights system is a huge roadblock. You can use the same digital game on multiple Switch units, but any Switch that isn’t the user’s primary system has to connect to the internet to give you permission to play games, which isn’t always an option for a portable device on the road or in the air.The only other option is to buy physical copies of your games, which means that if one member of the family leaves the house with the cartridge, no one else can play.If Nintendo wants to launch an ecosystem of hardware to entice families to buy multiple Switch units — which would be ideal — it needs to figure out better ways for those consoles to communicate and share content.Other platform holders have figured out ways around this limitation, even though the issue isn’t nearly as pressing on hardware that stays in one place, which makes Nintendo’s inability to deal with the situation even more baffling. The company always has a way of making problems that have been solved on other platforms seem insurmountable, and the trend continues with the lack of any kind of family sharing plan for games on the Switch and Switch Lite.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    The better Nintendo Switch for handheld mode

    For those who use/will use the Switch exclusively as a handheld device, I would recommend this system over the original Switch! Here are some things I’ve noticed in comparison to the original Switch so far:- The Switch Lite is far more comfortable to hold and and use than the original Switch thanks to its smaller size and ‘ lite’er (hahaha) weight. I can hold this small boi for a lot longer than the larger Switch before having to put it down to rest my hands.- All the buttons have that superior Gameboy Advance button feel, ie: they don’t feel a tad too rigid and clicky like those in the larger Switch. Plus there is an actual d-pad here. The system is made of plastic and has a sort of coarse feel to it. It won’t slip out of your hands too easily and feels nice to the touch.- Screen size is a bit smaller- 5.5 inches vs the Switch’s 6.2 inches, but this ties into the greater ease of use as a handheld as mentioned before. In terms of brightness and display quality I cannot say that I see any large differences. It’s possibly a bit better since it’s the same 720p but in a smaller screen? Anyway it looks great just like the original (and requires a screen protector just like the original.)- The color schemes for this system are some of the best Nintendo has ever offered in my opinion. The yellow one that I got looks fantastic and I’m glad that I chose this over the turquoise and the Pokemon themed one.- Sound output is slightly lower in terms of volume than the original Switch. This is probably because the speakers are on the underside of the system as opposed to the front. This is a minor thing though, you’ll still hear your games well enough.- The battery looks to be draining at a similar or slightly slower rate that the original (release day) Switch. However keep in mind that the newer shipments of the original Nintendo Switch are supposed to have a larger battery life.- You will of course be missing out on a number of features: no docking to the TV/monitor, no detachable controllers, no HD rumble or IR camera, no kickstand. However as mentioned before this a pure handheld, and I believe it serves that purpose better than its larger brethren.For anyone who already owns a Switch and is interested in this system, it’s a no-brainer. The Switch Lite is maybe the best handheld made by Nintendo so far. If you are choosing between the Switch Lite and the original Switch however, the decision becomes more difficult. I play most Switch games in handheld mode. If I had to choose between one of these today, I would probably choose the Switch Lite. If you like playing games on a larger screen, or you play local multiplayer games (Super Smash Bros. comes to mind) you probably should go with the original Switch. You’ll have a lesser handheld experience, but you’ll also be getting some really great features that you’d miss out on with the Switch Lite.

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  8. Sh Ka

    Broken At Launch – Cannot Accept Memory Cards (Updated – Ongoing Saga)

    This system was ordered with eagerness and opened as soon as it arrived. It will not accept any memory cards. Continuous error messages. Tried with multiple cards, reformatted, nothing works.Nintendo support did some basic troubleshooting and told me it had to come in for repair. I cannot recommend anyone purchase this system at this point. I will update my review if and when they fix the issue. For now I am stuck waiting on a repair for a system I was unable to use.Full disclosure : I am a die-hard Nintendo fan and have owned every system including the Virtual Boy. I have Nintendo systems from the 90s that still work fine. Something is broken with the Switch lite software.UPDATE- 10/16/2019 : the repair has been with Nintendo for over 3 weeks now, and they can’t seem to find it. It may be lost internally (they have admitted ownership of it as tracking confirms it was received). Now have to wait at least another week for an investigation.Had my system for minutes before it broke – now Nintendo looks like they will take over a month to ‘fix’ my issue. Will continue to post updates.UPDATE 10/21: They ‘found’ the system and it is ‘in service’ – they say I should get a tracking # within the next 5 days – so we are looking at a 5-6 week repair window. Will report back when the actual device is in-hand.UPDATE: 10/25. System is back in-hand. It threw a bunch of error messages when I fired it up but finally updated and now works. I sent in a ‘new’ system and received back one that had residue, fingerprints, and scuff marks on the case. Not happy. Nintendo offered me a 6-month window to return to fix the cosmetic case issues – I don’t feel like waiting another month for a ‘new’ system, so I am going to see if an error message pops up in my use over the next few days. This process has been very painful and I can’t suggest getting a Switch Lite given the experience I had.The system appears to be working and seems pretty neat – will update with impressions once I’ve clocked some time in it.UPDATE 2: 10/25: System is regularly, if not consistently, failing to recognize the memory card. Out of 5 power cycles, it did not recognize the card on 3 of them. System is going back to Nintendo for another round of repairs. I’ve asked them to replace the system since it came back with cosmetic blemishes in addition to it having the same problem. Will continue to update this review. Don’t buy this system.UPDATE 3: 11/27: Nintendo replaced the system and it works fine. Loving the system so far. I understand that lemons happen – but Nintendo’s TWO MONTH turnaround earned them that 1 star.The device, that now works, is very enjoyable. Happy to have a happy ending on this.

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  9. Vincent

    List of Changes Compared to (Regular) Nintendo Switch

    Basically a budget friendly Nintendo Switch that’s meant to be more portable. Unlike the iphone 11 and iphone 11 Pro, Galaxy 10e and Galaxy 10, iphone XR and iphone X, etc it doesn’t keep all features the same, just downgraded.In fact like the Nintendo 2DS (compared to 3DS) it actually takes away some features.If you already own a Nintendo Switch console, you can sync* or transfer from your profile/games/saves using your Nintendo account. Very simple; when you boot up system for first time it’ll walk you through it step-by-step*If you sync or link one account to multiple switch consoles, the non-main one has to verify every few hours to play downloaded games which can be a hassle if you don’t have internet connectionLet’s go through the list of changes:1. Size, weight, portabilityOverall size in general: The Switch Lite is basically the Original Switch (I’ll be referring it to ‘Switch’ moving forward) but with one of the joy cons detached.You think this will be more portable, but in practice from my personal experience it’s not. If you consider size onlyThe Switch can detach joycons for better storage. Downside is that you must be aware where you put the screen and joycons and attach them later.There is a difference if you pocket thing whole thing without detaching i guessSeeing the smaller size, there may be more hand cramping involved if you have giant adult sized handsSwitch Lite is lighter in weight, but it’s not a night-and-day difference. Not going to tell unless you have both side-by-side in each hand.Bezels are colored which is nice. It’s not black like on the Switch, so able to distinguish where the screen ends2. No detachable joyconsCannot detach joycons, making the logo snap/click sound clip that game trailers start off/ends with absolutely useless when referring to Switch line of systems in general.As one singular unit, fused into the system; feels more solid in the hand compared to originalDownside is that it loses some functionality in some gamesYou are not able to split controllers to let a friend playSome games that you can’t play on Switch Lite out of the box (as of this review) are:1-2 SwitchFitness BoxingJust Dance (Series)Nintendo Labo (Series)Nintendo Lano VRRing Fit AdventuresSuper Mario PartySurgeon SimulatorThere are also other games that’s not as convenient to play in handheld only like:ARMSFortnightMario Kart 8 DeluxeMario Tennis AcesPokemon Let’s Go seriesSuper Mario OdysseySplatoon 2Zelda Breath of the WildYou can buy joy cons to play on Switch Lite, but that costs additional $70 MSRP. Might as well buy a Switch at that pointIf the thumb sticks breaks or if there are drifting issues, you can have it fixed by Nintendo for $80.3. Cannot be docked to TV, no kick standNo docking station. If you own the Switch with docking station; the Switch Lite cannot fit in it.As of right now, there’s no official docking station for Switch Lite from Nintendo, and no 3rd party adaptersNo kickstand to play on tabletop mode. Seeing the smaller screen you wouldn’t want to anyway even when a lot of controllers are sync and people squinting their eyes when huddled around the system4. Has a D-Pad.Best feature of the system in my opinion. Better tactile feel when playing. Enhances gameplay especially when playing 2D fightersD-pad and other buttons (ABXY, shoulder buttons) are more muted when pressed which is great when playing in a public setting5. No IR, HD RumbleThe IR Motion Camera and HD rumble features have been removed. Games that support these features will not work on Switch lite6. Better battery?? 4-7 hours versus the 3-6 hours of the original launch Nintendo Switch.If you buy the newer 2019 model of Switch (Retail box with a lot of Red), the battery life is better than the Switch Lite7. New colorsComes in Turquoise, Grey and YellowThere’s also a Pokemon Sword and Shield ( Zacian and Zamazenta) Edition edition8. Smaller screen5.5 vs 6.2 inch screenResolution is the same at 720p, but more compact making it appear sharper with a 267ppi vs 236ppiOverall, I like the concept of a more portable (?), affordable switch, but I don’t like the fact that it exists.If it’s like the 2ds (with no 3d support). Devs (even first party) will eventually take away features in games in the future: motion controls, AR support, HD rumble, docked TV mode, etc to cater to a wider audience.They should have just made it smaller and kept everything the sameGood buy for those budget friendly, but if you like more options best to go for the upgrade if you can afford it.

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  10. J. fox

    Such a nicer experiencet than the…

    This feels sooo much better in the hands than the bulkier original Switch, that I can’t go back. Even though its lighter, it feels more solid as the joycons do not come off, and it doesn’t bend like the old one did. My arms don’t get tired at all holding this. AND it had an actual D-pad! I also do not notice the smaller screen when playing, at all. It’s just a much more pleasant handheld experience, which is exactly why I go it.

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    Nintendo Switch Lite – Blue
    Nintendo Switch Lite – Blue Price: $198.99 (as of 19/07/2021 23:06 PST- Details)

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