Microsoft Surface Laptop Go – 12.4″ Touchscreen – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 128GB SSD – Platinum


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Sleek design and standout value. At just 2.44 lbs, it’s light, portable, and easy to keep by your side throughout the day.
Be productive, browse, and binge watch on the 12.4” PixelSense touchscreen display.*



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Color:Platinum | Configuration:i5/8/128

Make the most of every day with the sleek style, performance, and all-day battery life* you need in our lightest Surface Laptop, all at an exceptional value. Ultra-light and portable profile, the apps** you use every day, premium materials, and a choice of must-have colors will make this your go-to laptop.

* Surface Laptop Go display has rounded corners within a standard rectangle. When measured as a standard rectangular shape the screen is 12.45” diagonally (the actual viewable area is less). ** Some accessories and software sold separately.

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
Sleek design and standout value. At just 2.44 lbs, it’s light, portable, and easy to keep by your side throughout the day.
Be productive, browse, and binge watch on the 12.4” PixelSense touchscreen display.*
Convenient security with Windows Hello sign-in, plus Fingerprint Power Button with Windows Hello and One Touch sign-in on select models.
Run your favorite apps and keep up on social media with a 10th Gen Intel Core Processor.
Show your best side on video calls, meetings, and virtual get-togethers with the built-in 720p HD camera.

10 reviews for Microsoft Surface Laptop Go – 12.4″ Touchscreen – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 128GB SSD – Platinum

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  1. jane doe

    device looks good

    Cable does not fit in any access to the computer. They are too Big. I tried to see if I had any but I don’t can you help?Thank you.

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  2. Microsoft PC Accessories

    Solid mid-tier laptop if you get the 8GB/128GB or higher option

    Recently, I bought the 8GB/128GB version of the Surface Laptop Go. It’s been a great purchase so far, but there are some quirks and annoyances sprinkled throughout its greatness. After using ThinkPads for years, the Surface Laptop Go combined with the Surface Dock 2 (and my usual peripherals) may have converted me.The positives:-Build quality (wonderful, even the plastic bottom cover feels premium)-The screen (resolution and DPI are fine, great brightness levels and colors, I much prefer the 3:2 aspect ratio for web browsing and documents aside from ultra-wide spreadsheets)-Lightweight and very portable (12.4″ is the perfect form factor for my needs)-Works great with the Surface Dock 2 (has replaced my Core i7 7700 desktop)-The keyboard is quite nice to type on-The trackpad feels great to use (not sure if it’s mylar or glass, but it’s wonderful)-The fingerprint sensor is quite nice for easy logins-Intel AX201 Wi-Fi card-RAM management is quite good on the 8GB models (I’m usually consuming 4-5GB)-UEFI/BIOS option to stop battery charging at 50% (perfect for my needs since I keep it connected to the Surface Dock 2 most of the time, this can easily be switched off)-No bloatware or junk programs out of the box (it’s like the Microsoft/Windows version of using a Google Pixel phone)-I was able to upgrade my Laptop Go to Windows 10 Pro, so now I’m getting the full Windows 10 experience I’m used to-Surface devices have decent value retention (even broken older models go for decent prices on auction sites)The negatives:-Ships with S mode enabled by default (easy to turn this off, but it’s annoying)-The keyboard isn’t backlit (not a deal-breaker, but an annoyance in 2020)-The fan is loud when it ramps up, but it’s usually fairly quiet (changing power modes helps)-There’s no micro SD card slot (would be nice for storing music/movies or local file backups)-The 4GB/64GB eMMC model exists-Decent but not amazing value for the money (leaves you wanting more features the higher-tier models have)-It’s a modern laptop with soldered RAM and a DIY SSD upgrade will probably void the warranty-The 16GB RAM model isn’t readily available for consumers-It doesn’t come in black (but the Platinum color I have is quite nice)-I really miss having a TrackPoint style device on the keyboardAs you can see, I can think of far more positives than negatives. Most of my negatives are either preferences or problems with modern laptops in general rather than the Laptop Go itself. Although I was drooling over some refurbished ThinkPads before buying the Laptop Go, it was hard to say no to a few of its main positives (mainly the screen, the trackpad, and the 3:2 aspect ratio).For its current asking price, I can highly recommend the 8GB/128GB model if you turn off S mode, don’t need a lot of storage space, and don’t plan on playing tons of AAA games on it.

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  3. Knightman

    Make sure you are okay with the compromises

    I am pleasantly surprised as I really like the surface laptop Go. I feel like Microsoft missed a home run here with the base model having 4 gb of ram and no fingerprint sensor and then having to go to the next trim at $699 to get the 8 gb ram and fingerprint sensor. Result: ground rule double.Likes:Design: it is a nice looking device that stands out from the others in its category. The ice blue is attractive while not the most obvious blue still retains a nice look. The plastic underside does not detract from this either.Size: It is compact and fairly light.Screen: Despite the sub 1080p resolution, the screen is still attractive and bright with accurate colors. The 3:2 aspect ratio also makes this a hit because the screen is taller and easier to review documents, because you have to scroll less than a 16:9 aspect ratio.Color options: there are 3 different color options to choose from, options are always good.Ports: having usb-c and a is great as well as having the device charge from USB-c along with the mag connector for charging.Trackpad: this is on the nicest trackpads I have ever used as my fingers glide across it. Mouse movement is great.Price: the base model starts at $550.Fingerprint reader: nice and fast logonPerformance: all models have an i5 processor and I think this is more than fine for everyday users, even the base model will give you good performance.Neutral:Keyboard: it is okay to type on for me and not as good as the pixelbook go keyboard because it has a somewhat mushy feeling when typing.Screen: it is nice but still it is under 1080p for a device that cost $550 and up. When was the last time you found a device that was not full hd for $500 or up?Sound: I think it sounds decent, not amazing, not a pro or con.Base Model: 4 gb really microsoft you could not have just put an extra 4 gigs in and charge $599. Why limit it this way? Also no fingerprint reader in base model as well.Battery life: it is in the 7-8 hours territory. Not amazing but not awful either.Cons:Keyboard: no backlight. This is the biggest con again when is the last time you had a device over $500 with no backlit keyboard. It makes typing in poorly lit rooms more difficult and a no fly zone for those who work in darkness.Price: on the highest tier model Microsoft is really trying to upcharge you just for added storage.$899 just highlights this device’s shortcomings even more in that price bracket.Wrap up: I looked over a bunch of devices in this class and some not in its class. This is not the quintessential device for me but it is very good. My biggest gripe is the lack of backlit keyboard on a device in this price range. I find the screen is very nice looking but the sub 1080p comes across as tacky also. I feel they could have popped an i3 in the base model and then added the fingerprint sensor. Avoid the $899 model as that is too much to pay for something so compromised.Also consider: The Surface laptop 3 is something to consider if you are worried about the compromises being made. It has a backlit keyboard, a full HD+ display and is larger at 13.5 screen display. It does cost more, and also the bezel around the display is larger.

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  4. NakedSpaceMan

    It’s a lower variant but not in a bad way

    Didn’t want to wait two days so I went brick and motor to buy this today. Laptop manufacturers take note, THIS is how you do a cost down version of a premium product. I got the 128Gb model and I would highly recommend not getting the $550 unless that’s the absolute limit on what you can spend.Lets start with the screen. Despite the resolution hit compared to the Surface Laptop 3 this screen STILL looks amazing. Nice colors, the 3:2 aspect ratio is REALLY nice and I really wish laptop manufacturers would get the picture already and make 3:2 computers already for people that work more than they watch YouTube videos, and while it can’t use the Surface Pen with this screen I think Microsoft thought that if you really need to buy a $140 pen you can probably afford the Surface Laptop 3. I kinda agree since this laptop doesn’t really target the high end crowd, it’s more of a budget computer.Keyboard feels great! The keys aren’t mushy and they’re also not obnoxiously loud. Just the right balance of noise to feel. Bad news though, the keyboard isn’t backlit. Somewhat understandable since they need to get that advertised long battery life and backlit keyboards do suck a lot of power over time. They keys feel nice and evenly spaced out. No short shift nonsense although Tab is a little smaller but that’s fine. The fingerprint windows hello is really nice and way quicker than the one on my phone too.It does run a little hot when on the lap but not uncomfortably hot. And it only gets loud when I’m basically torture testing the thing. Otherwise for video chat or writing things or general browsing and light work it’s nice and quiet. Also unless you have the $550 version turn the Windows S mode off immediately. No offense to Microsoft but the Windows Store sucks.My only real complaint is that I really wish there was an Alcantara variant. I love the soft feel of the Alcantara keyboards the few times I’ve used the more premium devices. Otherwise I would highly recommend people get the $700 version.

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  5. Microsoft PC Accessories

    It’s perfect

    I love this, I would definitely not recommend getting the base model. The base model which is $550 doesn’t have much storage and runs slow. I got the level higher which was $699. I am student and this is perfect. It’s light and it’s so pretty, I got the good color and it’s beautiful. I ordered Wednesday and got it Friday ! 10/10 recommend.

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  6. Microsoft PC Accessories

    Nice laptop

    Love this laptop. Perfect size love the touch screen.

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  7. Dezreen Boothe

    This laptop is compact to suit all my needs

    Loving this product

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  8. Microsoft PC Accessories

    Perfect condition

    Exactly what I wanted

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  9. Microsoft PC Accessories

    design is good. But the screen!!!

    I can understand MS is trying to do business for low end market..The laptop had the best design at 600-800 price range. But pay the same price we had so many choices…It’s 2020. We cannot accept the screen with this low resolution…. It killed my eyes..

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  10. Average Customer

    Good Laptop for Everyday Online Usage with Notable Annoyances

    I purchased this laptop recently from Best Buy. I got lots of headaches initially but figured out how to make this laptop much more usable. I’m liking it more and more despite its drawbacks but it’s really up to you to figure out if this laptop suits you since the Laptop 3s are getting cheaper.The size and weight of this laptop are very nice. The 12.4″ device has a small form factor so it’s easy taking this anywhere: to the living room, kitchen, backyard, library, and conference. At 2.5 lbs., you’re not hampered by its weight and it’s more enjoyable taking this than a 3.5 lb+ machine. It feels a little heavier than it actually is though.The 3×2 touchscreen is good. The colors look nice although a graphic designer would probably want an external monitor. It’s a glossy screen and the glare is manageable – I’ve used matte screens all of my life and am preferring the more vivid colors of a glossy screen. At around 320-330 nits, it’s more than bright enough for indoor use. In my room, I use it at two or three notches below the maximum brightness. One issue that has been brought up in numerous reviews is the pixel density. The resolution is 1536 x 1024 which is 148 PPI. This is slightly lower than a 14″ 1920 x 1080 (157 PPI) laptop like my Carbon. This is a little noticeable – if you really look for the pixels – but for a casual user, it’s fine. I wish the resolution were a bit higher but oh well. One annoying thing is that the hinge only allows the screen to fold back for a total of 130-145 degrees (somewhere around there) or so. I wish it would go down further like my Carbon. I use laptops on my lap often and on my bed (while sitting) – I sometimes have to tilt the keyboard up to have the screen perpendicular to my line of sight. This is annoying to me but I’m not sure many people use their laptops like this. I also really like the dimensions of the screen which is 3×2 as opposed to many 16×9 laptops. The former allows for more vertical space (at the expense of a little horizontal space) so you don’t have to scroll down as much. This is great for almost everything including Excel spreadsheets with lots of rows, long online articles, and portrait images. Movies will have some black bars at the top but the trade-off is very worth it.The keyboard is pleasant to type on – this is highly subjective. This was one of the biggest factors in getting this laptop. The Go has keys that are responsive enough, have good feedback, are not stiff, and have good enough travel. So many keyboards (some MacBooks!) are subpar/terrible which ruins the typing experience. Another thing is the spacing. Many keyboards require more stretching of the fingers but the Go feels a little more compact which I really like – some people may not. I use the Ctrl button often and it is comfortable to use with my pinky. I hate that pinky stretch with larger keyboards. The biggest complaint of the Go’s keyboard is the lack of backlighting which is offered on the 13″ and 15″ models. Some people want to use the keyboard during dim situations or at night. This is a would-be-nice-to-have feature but not a deal breaker to me.The touchpad is probably the best one I’ve used on a PC laptop. It feels very smooth.Three ports on the left side of the computer should be enough for casual users. Initially, I thought it was too little since I come from a ThinkPad with numerous ports. There are USB-A, USB-C, and headphone jacks. This is not a machine for power users. However, with docking stations which include monitors nowadays, you don’t need as many ports as you once did.The audio is good. The sound has good punch and can get loud on maximum volume. There’s enough bass for me (I’m not a bass junkie). Treble and mids are decent – I would prefer just a tad more clarity. There’s not much for me to complain about since this is a laptop. Keep that in mind and temper your expectations. I’m satisfied. I’d be fine watching a movie on this laptop.The webcam is pretty good. I’m not sure why people nitpick about laptop webcams when it’s obvious that the optics are restricted because of size. The one on the Go will be more than sufficient for Zoom/Skype calls for work, school, and friends and family. I saw the webcam video on a review site and it was very good quality for a laptop camera.Regarding the configuration, the Surface Laptop Go comes in three. The lowest variation comes with 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage. I understand why Microsoft made this an option: it’s mostly for students or basic users and also to lure you in to the more expensive versions. This is a big complaint and almost everyone will recommend the middle version (8GB of memory and 128GB SSD). However, some people will be fine with 4GB. If you’re just typing Word documents, browsing with a few tabs, or watching Netflix, you’ll be fine. For those who run Chrome (a memory hog) or do more multi-tasking and use applications, especially media ones, that need more resources, go with the middle configuration. The most expensive variation for an extra $200 over the recommended one gets you 256GB of storage. This is dumb. You can get a 128GB flash drive for $20. Plus, lots of stuff is cloud-based now so hard drive storage is less important. If you work with lots of media, chances are that you’re looking at a different laptop. You don’t need 256GB as a casual user if you know what an external hard drive is…Lastly, the overall feel and appearance of the laptop is very nice. People will say that for the same specs, you can a much cheaper laptop. Yes, but would it have a terrible keyboard? Is it going to be lightweight and small to transport easily? It’s not an apple-to-apples comparison. Many laptops look generic, boring, and pedestrian. I like that the Surface Laptop Go has some outward personality. Engineers probably wouldn’t be rocking this but the college kid, stay-at-home mom, and social media darling would. Even I, who have only only owned black and silver laptops, dig this as an everyday driver.What are some other bad things about this laptop? The first and biggest is that the fan runs loudly and warms up when it’s charged or if performance is pushed. [EDIT: I found the a solution that works for me! See the end of this review] Secondly, the battery is below average. This doesn’t bug me as much as other people because I’m used to constantly charging my laptops often. Turn the brightness down a little and you’ll see a difference. I have absolutely no idea how reviewers get 10+ hours on any laptop. They must be on 50% brightness and cooking dinner, showering, and jogging while their laptops sit idle to get such good battery life. I’d disregard those reviews when it comes to battery life if you’re glued to your computer. Lastly, Microsoft sets up Windows S as the default. Windows S is crap and most people (I’m guessing) turn it off because S doesn’t allow for installation of non-Microsoft software including Chrome, Firefox, or other third-party programs. Seriously?? Anyway, all you need to do is create a Microsoft account (just make one up) and switch out of S mode. This is a pain but you only need to do it one time. Shame on Microsoft for this.[Edit] Also, download Intel Graphics Command Center to turn off adaptive brightness. This is not a Surface issue but a Windows one and it’s one of the most annoying default settings on any laptop.The bottom line is that this is a good overall laptop as long as you can deal with the issues. For the average user who doesn’t want any nonsense, I’m not sure if this is for you because you need to adjust many settings to make this laptop work well. It’s not a powerhouse but it wasn’t designed to be like that. Yes, the price-to-specs ratio is a little higher than average but that’s up to every individual to decide for himself/herself. The Surface Laptop 3 15 might a better value at $200 more.—–How do you make the fans not spin so loudly? You need to set the Maximum Processor State to 90% instead of 100%. That option is under Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings > Change Advance Power Settings > Processor Power Management.Oh, but wait. You probably don’t see that option because the Windows version on the Go has fewer options to manage things. Google “ten forums maximum processor state” and install that .reg file. That has made a difference. The fan doesn’t whirl up as much and is way more acceptable.

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    Microsoft Surface Laptop Go – 12.4″ Touchscreen – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 128GB SSD – Platinum
    Microsoft Surface Laptop Go – 12.4″ Touchscreen – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 128GB SSD – Platinum


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