SAMSUNG 34 Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) – 75Hz Refresh, WQHD Computer Monitor, 3440 x 1440p… Price: $390.06 (as of 09/05/2021 07:31 PST- Details)

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34-INCH ULTRAWIDE MONITOR with WQHD resolution (3440 x 1440p)
PERFECT FOR DUAL MONITOR USAGE with powerful multitasking split screen features – PBP/PIP and easy to use embedded split screen software

Tag: Price: $390.06 (as of 09/05/2021 07:31 PST- Details)

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SAMSUNG 34 Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor


Discover the Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) with a 21:9 aspect ratio, VA panel, AMD FreeSync technology and a 3440 x 1440 resolution which offers approximately 2.4 times the density of Full HD. Samsung’s SJ55W widescreen computer monitor brings you totally immersive images that make your WQHD ultrawide monitor stand out from the crowd.

Featuring AMD FreeSync, which can keep the refresh rate of your monitor and graphics card synchronized, the Samsung Ultrawide 1440p monitor reduces both image tear and stutter. The end result is a seamlessly smooth gaming experience like no other.

The SJ55W 34-inch monitor is perfect for your workspace as well, letting you comfortably multitask on one singular ultrawide screen. Take a break from your work documents to reach a new level in your favorite game, then put the game on pause to binge the next episode of your favorite show… or do it all at the same time! No matter how you use your ultrawide monitor, you’ll enjoy its superbly detailed picture quality.

The Samsung 34-inch SJ55W ultrawide WQHD monitor gives you all the connectivity options you’ll need with both display port and HDMI ports while it’s slim panel, metallic bezel and elegant Y-stand demonstrate the quality and style of a truly revolutionary piece of technology.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
34-INCH ULTRAWIDE MONITOR with WQHD resolution (3440 x 1440p)
PERFECT FOR DUAL MONITOR USAGE with powerful multitasking split screen features – PBP/PIP and easy to use embedded split screen software
AMD FREESYNC synchronizes the refresh rate of your graphics card and widescreen monitor to reduce image tear and stutter
CONNECT MULTIPLE INPUT SOURCES thru HDMI ports and display port. Power Supply Type – AC 100-240V. Power Consumption (Max)- 59 W. Power Consumption (Stand-by)- ≤0.3 W. Max Stand By Power (DPMS)- ≤0.5 W
SLIM PANEL, ELEGANT Y-STAND AND METALLIC BEZEL bring quality and style to the workplace or home. Tilt- (-1.5°)(±1.0°)~15.0°(±2.0°)
DARKER BLACKS with industry-leading 3000:1 contrast ratio of advanced VA panel. Product Dimensions Without Stand-32.6 x 14.5 x 4.1 inches

10 reviews for SAMSUNG 34 Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) – 75Hz Refresh, WQHD Computer Monitor, 3440 x 1440p…

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  1. OrlandoBrent

    Perfect monitor for a developer

    I can finally say that I’ve found a monitor that’s perfect for my job as a web developer. I’ve used several different external monitors with my laptop, but all except this 34” Samsung SJ55W ultra-wide have missed the mark in some way. Normal 1080p monitors just couldn’t show enough on the screen, causing me to continually flip back and forth between applications. 4K monitors were super-crisp and high resolution, but the font sizes were too small to comfortably read. This Samsung’s wide screen and 3440×1440 resolution is just right and has no problem displaying my code editor and a couple of terminals and browsers on the screen at the same time.Another thing I love about this monitor is its non-reflective screen. My desk at work is directly next to a big window, and this caused big problems in the past with major glare on other monitors that had glossy panels. I’ve never had any trouble seeing my work on this Samsung’s screen, even in bright daylight.The monitor offers other features like the ability to display two video inputs/sources at the same time (side-by-side or picture-in-picture) and FreeSync capability, but I’ve yet to try them. The 75Hz refresh rate is a little higher than the 60Hz most other monitors have, and combined with it’s speedy 4ms response time, this would also make a nice gaming monitor.Overall, I’m extremely pleased with using this monitor on a daily basis at work. I’ve spent a solid month with it now and can’t imagine going back to a different monitor. My productivity has really increased now that I’m able to keep all my important applications visible at the same time. Thanks to Samsung for such a great monitor!

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  2. Jay Dawg

    Don’t get caught up in the curve

    I put off purchasing this for a month because I was afraid of regretting strait vs curve. Well, with software and dual hdmi setup this monitor is beyond flexible. The biggest issue I had was how far apart from the center my task bar was. Well, I changed the monitor from 100% to 125% and it’s nearly perfect. I also can connect two hdmi to my SB2 and have two independent monitors with their own taskbar in picture by picture mode, or just use easy setting box software from samsung that snaps windows into the location you want.It’s amazing, and if you cannot read text at the edges, then a curve isn’t going to help you unless you’re off by .25 of a font point. I can easily sit dead center and read everything on the monitor comfortable by just tracking my eyes. Sometimes I’ll lean infront of a section, but I did that with my 23″ 1080×1920 old as fu… HP monitor.The mount isn’t junk as people state, but lacks any flexibility. So you’re better off getting a nice vesa mount with the money you saved if you need it. I didn’t need to adjust-ability, but I got the eletab single monitor mount and its just a work of art.Couldn’t be happier.

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  3. Spleenfreak

    I have been waiting for a monitor like this for a long time.

    I am thrilled with the quality and detail of the screen! The extra screen real estate is amazing and allows for much easier use of Photoshop and I can open windows side by side for easy reference between apps or I can keep my playlist open will still working in my primary app. Using video editing software and being able to drag and drop my media directly from a folder into the project has streamlined my work space. The experience while watching movies isn’t as beneficial as the enhancements for software as it doesn’t fill the entire screen but it doesn’t distract me and the image quality is sharp and precise while the colors are clean and accurate with no color banding issues. If you are a gamer, this thing will blow your socks off. The extra screen real estate really gives a cinematic feel to gaming that has to be experienced to truly understand. After playing on this monitor and going back to a 16:9 monitor makes it almost claustrophobic in feel, almost like I was missing something. Again, the colors and detail were sharp and precise. You may need to upgrade your video card to support full resolution gaming with good frame rate at high detail but you wont want to sell yourself short by cutting back on the settings so you can see the true benefits of the display. Did I mention that this thing is huge? The box was so big that my daughter though I bought a TV and it dominates my desk space and steals the show from everything else in the area. I ran some diagnostic software called monitor test to push this beast through its paces. It passed the light bleed test without any issues. There was no noticeable light bleed which I was worried about with such a large display but the lighting was consistent throughout the display. Solid colors looked even and balanced but during the gradation test it did have some banding but it is much better than on other monitors I have tested. The moire test was spot on even at the finest setting. the patterns were all clear and didn’t blur or bleed into each other.During the convergence testing there was no color bleed or ghosting and there was a sharp contrast between light and dark. Text was very clear and sharp even at 6 point Arial font and was easy to read. Overall, I am very pleased with this monitor. I have been looking for a monitor of this caliber at a reasonable price point. I would recommend this especially to art and video creators.

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  4. SataKin

    I had hope

    On paper, this monitor seemed too good to be true. Ultra wide for more screen realistate. 3440×1440 for sharper details. And aesthetically pleasing. Freesync is a nice bonus. However, the panel gods were not with me on this purchase. Upon set up and first boot up, it looked amazing. Crystal clear, and super smooth. However, in mere minutes the entire screen was covered in artifacting. This would stay on screen for about 5-7 seconds then it would just go black. After a moment or two, the picture would come back, but the cycle repeats itself.

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  5. Alex Bahret

    This is a BIG monitor….almost TOO big

    Coming from an old 23″ 1080p monitor that I purchased in 2010, this is quite the upgrade. It’s amazing how affordable monitors have gotten in the past few years. We are a long ways from the days when I spent nearly a grand on a 19″ LCD. Still, it isn’t a “cheap” monitor, so the value proposition needs to be there.First, the monitor is absolutely massive. It’s hard to overstate just how large it is at 34″. You can fit truckloads on the screen at once, but the issue with most ultrawide displays is finding content that will fit it, and this is no exception. Because the 21:9 ratio is different from the traditional 16:9 ratio, you get black bars on the sides with nearly all video content. This is a non-issue with gaming since the resolution can usually be matched up, and it works great for traditional workflows like video editing, but don’t expect to watch most widescreen movies on this without bars.I didn’t end up using the Samsung software that lays out items on the screen since I’m fine with native Windows 10 window management that aligns two things side-by-side, but you’ll definitely want to use something or it will feel overwhelming. In that same vein, I think 32″ or so is the limit of a realistic monitor size before it really needs to be curved. Obviously a curved version would increase the price substantially, but you’ll find that you usually have to move your head a few inches from side to side to see all the content comfortably. Again, not an issue if you understand that limitation going in, but just realize that this is a lot of pixels for your eyes to track.Regarding the refresh rate, I’m happy that Samsung included FreeSync. That’s a big plus. Unfortunately, the default range that FreeSync works on his monitor is only 48-75 Hz. I’d like to see a lower starting point. Additionally, the only output that allows 75 Hz at max resolution is DisplayPort, so make sure you are using that and not HDMI. This will get more useful as more GPUs come with FreeSync support, especially with NVIDIA adding support to the 10/20 series.As expected, the monitor is extremely bright out of the box at around 185cd/m2. I had to take the brightness all the way down to 21/100 to hit 120cd/m2. (There is no separate backlight control, so there will be a PQ adjustment when reducing brightness). Had to adjust my RGB to 57/32/40 to get close enough for a color profile to make it the rest of the way to 6500k.All in all, a good monitor at a good price. Disclaimer: I have received this monitor for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are conclusions are my own

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  6. FL Hart

    Excellent Monitor

    So far, I am enjoying my new Samsung Ultra Wide monitor. For someone who currently has either a single or dual monitor setup this is the ideal solution. You are able to get more real estate, without the bevel that obstructs your view in the middle. The colors are excellent and you have the option to change the display to eye saver mode, which reduces the blues and helps eliminate eye strain when spending a lot of time in front of the monitor. Playing games with this monitor has been a nice improvement. Previously, I had a 3 monitor setup, where many games would only display on the center monitor, eliminating the other 2 in the process. The rich colors and response times were outstanding with significantly better contrast (3000:1) to my previous setup. I also found multitasking improved. Using the windows key to easily snap windows to the left and right sides of the screen made it easy to have 2 windows, fully expanded on the left and right of the screen. Resizing those windows was also easy, enabling me to have one application take up 2/3 of the screen while the other application took up the remaining 1/3rd of the screen. The P-in-P feature was nice too. I have a desktop which is my primary machine, and a laptop for work. The laptop is on a docking station, and I can now hook it up to the same monitor and use the picture in picture feature to see both. Overall, this was a nice improvement to what I was using. It has cleaned up the look of my desk, while still giving me plenty of desktop space to work, and play, with the size of this setup.

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  7. Shaun

    Horrible support for a defective monitor

    One of the backlights on my monitor started going bad after about 3 months of use. Since I live in latin america (shipped directly to me from amazon), i contacted latin america samsung support.- Email support was useless, answering questions I hadn’t asked- I contacted phone support 3 times, and I got 3 different stories on whether or not this would be covered under my 1 year warranty (it should be as it’s a manufacturing defect). However the samsung authorized repair places here told me I would need to pay for any repairs, and it is a very costly repair. This despite phone support telling me twice – and one time giving me a special code that the repairs should be covered. On my last phone call I was told by the support agent that I shouldn’t have bought this monitor, and maybe I should contact american support.- I contacted American support and they told me i would have to ship the monitor at my cost to them, and then i would have to pay for shipping back to me (nearly the cost of the monitor) but they would repair it. No thanks.My situation is a little different than most, but I was most unimpressed since samsung is a world wide company, there was nothing on the product page about this monitor’s warranty only being valid in the united states.After wasting hours of my time, i’ve given up and despite owning several samsung products I am happy with, will never be buying from them again.

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  8. LB

    No Squinting and tons of multitasking

    If you want amazing quality this is the monitor for you. First off I love way that the packaging was done. Two boxes but the outside box was an unmarked boxed. This made me happy/felt a lot better since mine sat on my porch for a couple hours and no one was the wiser as to what it was. Next set up was a breeze. It took longer to open the two boxes then to attach the two pieces…yes two pieces…4 if you count the cables & power cord. It should only take you 5 minutes maybe 10 minutes tops. My laptop is small and light however, the downfall with that is a small screen. I have used dual monitors which was helpful up until my purchasing of the Samsung 34″ Ultra WQHD Monitor for my home office one screen is enough. I can multitask to my hearts desire. Tons of applications and or browser windows can fill this monitor an you can keep plugging away. If you pick the PIP option the size is awesome. Many different placement on the screen. I also love the eye saver mode…after staring at a screen all day (8/10 hours plus) our eyes need a break. You will totally notice a difference once you turn this feature on/off. The only thing I must warn you is if you have an old style desk (molded for a certain size) this monitor will not fit. Do yourself a favor upgrade your desk…it will need to be an open concept or long desk.

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  9. PC3K

    This Samsung ultra wide QHD monitor has the 3 C’s covered… Get your work done, then game on!

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     The 34″ Samsung SJ55W Ultra WQHD Monitor will be an awesome addition to your office or home. This ultra wide QHD monitor has the 3 C’s covered – color, clarity , and contrast. The whites are whiter and the brights are brighter. I am a gamer by night and a mechanical engineer by day. The best feature in my opinion is the picture-by-picture (PBP) function. I enjoyed playing a video game while getting my binge on.PBP should not be confused with PIP – Picture-in-Picture. The SJ55W also has PIP. I used this feature to view the latest financial news while maximizing my onscreen work space. I have a multi-monitor set up in my office cubicle. I would trade my 7 smaller monitors for just two of these powerhouses. The monitor is light and easy to set up. You can use the included base or utilize the VESA mount with your choice of monitor stands (sold separately). I love this #SamsungUltrawideMonitor. I will continue to enjoy the #SamsungMonitorExperience in my home and office.

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  10. Mohit

    Amazing size making everything easy to do

    The screen size of this monitor is huge. I am able to open three times the number of windows that I would usually open on my Mac. With the use of Spectable, it becomes really easy to move windows around, and make the best use of the screen. It is also designed to be very light. When I initially received the delivery, I couldn’t even believe how easy it was to lift the box. In fact, my package delivery person also pointed out the same thing. The picture display quality is amazing. The screen is very crisp while coding and sharp for gaming and viewing videos. I would recommend anyone looking for a new monitor to get this one. It’s definitely a great investment.

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    SAMSUNG 34 Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) – 75Hz Refresh, WQHD Computer Monitor, 3440 x 1440p…
    SAMSUNG 34 Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) – 75Hz Refresh, WQHD Computer Monitor, 3440 x 1440p… Price: $390.06 (as of 09/05/2021 07:31 PST- Details)

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