Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset, Open Acoustic, Noise-canceling mic, Flip-to-Mute, XXL Plush Velvet Ear Pads – Black… Price: $179.99 (as of 19/07/2021 23:09 PST- Details)

Extreme sound clarity & accuracy with original transducer technology. GAME ONE has exchangeable cables allowing compatibility with multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, consoles, mobiles and tablets that feature a 3.5mm jack input
Noise-canceling microphone ensures crystal clear conversations. Sound pressure level (SPL) headphone: 116dB
Open-back design keeps head cool while delivering extreme sonic clarity and accuracy courtesy of Sennheiser’s model specific transducer technology (50-ohm) Price: $179.99 (as of 19/07/2021 23:09 PST- Details)

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The Sennheiser GAME ONE open acoustic gaming headset features an accurate and natural sound experience. The lightweight design with Sennheiser transducer technology optimized for professional gaming features a pro noise-canceling microphone with intuitive mute function and integrated volume control on the right ear cup.

Simply the best
It is arguably the most comfortable high-end gaming headset on the market and it features an extremely accurate and natural sound experience.

Feel the game, not the headset
Features an extremely accurate and natural sound experience. The open design ensures that air can be led through to your ears, keeping your head light and cool for hours of non-stop gaming.

Soft and light
Features XXL plush velvet ear pads and a cushioned headband; ensure maximum comfort.

German engineered technology
Optimized to provide an extremely accurate reproduction of the gaming audio, no matter what type of game you play. Every single unit is mechanically and acoustically tested.

Crystal-Clear Communication
The pro microphone on the GAME ONE gaming headset is in a class of its own. It provides high-end noise cancellation, so you can chat to fellow players with crystal clarity.

Multi-platform compatible
Comes with two exchangeable cables allowing compatibility with multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, consoles, mobiles and tablets that feature a 3.5mm jack input.


  • Audio Channels: Stereo
  • Frequency Response: 15 – 28,000 Hz
  • Ear Coupling: Around-the-ear
  • Acoustic Design: Open Acoustics
  • Microphone Type: Noise cancelling
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Microphone Mute: Automatic by raising the boom arm
  • Connectors: 2 x 3.5 mm / 1 x 3.5 mm
    Extreme sound clarity & accuracy with original transducer technology. GAME ONE has exchangeable cables allowing compatibility with multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, consoles, mobiles and tablets that feature a 3.5mm jack input
    Noise-canceling microphone ensures crystal clear conversations. Sound pressure level (SPL) headphone: 116dB
    Open-back design keeps head cool while delivering extreme sonic clarity and accuracy courtesy of Sennheiser’s model specific transducer technology (50-ohm)
    Crystal-clear conversations ensured with the professional quality noise-canceling microphone that automatically mutes when boom arm is raised
    Volume control conveniently located on right ear cup. Braided fabric cable

Specification: Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset, Open Acoustic, Noise-canceling mic, Flip-to-Mute, XXL Plush Velvet Ear Pads – Black…





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10 reviews for Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset, Open Acoustic, Noise-canceling mic, Flip-to-Mute, XXL Plush Velvet Ear Pads – Black…

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  1. Tune

    Mic went out within a year. Submitted to Sennheiser for warranty repair which is supposed to be covered for up to two years. After two weeks, there was no response or indication from the manufacturer that they even received the product. I submitted an inquiry and they responded asking for my address (which was included with the original inquiry). I replied with my address anyways, and never heard from them again. I put in another inquiry about my warranty repair, making special mention of my request number and address. I never heard from anybody. I finally called support and provided them with all the aforementioned information. The lady said that the warehouse had not reported the product as received and that they were behind schedule and that I should allow up to 5 business days. Well again, it’s been more than a couple of weeks.Based on my experience, expect the mic to die after about a year of regular use – no abuse. If you value the headphones, I would not send the product in for repair. I now have no headphones other than my $25 IEMs.

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  2. RichCinti

    This replaced my Logitech G35’s since it does not work on Windows 10. The Sennheiser GAME ONE feels well built but light on the head. I can’t comment how they sound plugged directly to the PC. I have the ONE plugged into an amp. I purchased the Creative Sound Blaster OMNI amp and the ONE sound great paired up with the amp. I have all the power I need with the amp.I like that there is no fancy software for the headset. Just plug it into your sound card/amp. Sound quality on flat EQ sounds great and the mic is sensitive but clear. I can hear myself breathing but I think I can fine tune that in my amp software. Music, Movies and Gaming all sound very nice.I’ve only had the headset for a short time so I’ll leave a longer term review in a few weeks. For now, at $148.50 for the white version, it’s the best headset I’ve owned thus far.PC Build – Aug/Sep 2018:Intel I7 8700k @ 5Ghz // Corsair H80i v2 liquid CPU cooler // ASUS ROG Strix Z370-H motherboard // Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 16GB // Inland M.2 NVME 1TB // Powercolor RX580 8GB Red Devil Golden Sample @ 1425/2000 // EVGA G3 1000W PSU // Creative Sound Blaster OMNI DAC // Sennheiser G4ME ONE Headset

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  3. JT

    First of all, I’ve owned a couple of other headsets – I’ll use my background comparison of the two I’ve used most to the Sennheisers: Turtle Beach XO 7’s and Klipsch 300 Gaming Wireless. I won’t be comparing specs or pro’s and con’s, but only mentioning for background reference.To sum:Comfort – 9/10Multi-Platform Compatability – 8.5/10Microphone – 10/10Clarity – 10/10Bass (Gaming) – 9/10Bass (Music Only) – 8/10Durability – 8/10I’m not an “audiophile.” I have a deep appreciation for quality audio while gaming. I couldn’t tell you how a $300 Sennheiser or Bose headset would be better sounding for music, although I’m positive that there are models that give you a better sound. But like most people, I don’t have that much money lying around. I switched headphones after using each of my other ones thoroughly.This is by far the best gaming sound I’ve had the pleasure to experience, and I did have an opportunity to test Corsair and gear branded headsets during PAX West 2016 as well. Directional sound is clear and it’s incredible how light noises are on the ears. Yes, you can hear everything around you. This would NOT be a good headset for someone who significant ambient noise. These are immersive absolutely, but not by using isolation. On that note, I can’t stand to not hear my voice in my headset, a feature I dearly love about the Klipsch wireless headset (and the Sevens, if you use an adapter). You do not hear your microphone feed, but you can hear yourself talk through the open panels. If you have a noisy environment or enjoy a generally more isolated experience, do not get these.An excellent candidate for FPS competitive multi-player headsets, to spotlight CSGO.I game on PC and Xbox. After doing some playing around, I realized that while you can get sound through the new xbox audio jack found on the updated controllers, it is missing bass tones. Use an xbox adapter with your single 3.5 jack cord. If you don’t, it will be tinny and empty. On the other hand, I had NO issue getting sound to work on my PC, but my microphone took some maneuvering. This one of the best microphones you’ll get on a strictly gaming headset. So clear, my voice sounds like my voice. No modulation. I had to work some in game settings and some console settings to fine tune a balance that I’m still working on finding for audio and mic feeds. While it exists, it’s not as simple as plug-in and go.As far as comfort goes, the plush ear cups are very soft and warming, but not insulating. Definitely not sweating in these bad boys. My only complaint, and it may go away as I break in the set over the next couple of weeks, is that there is ever so slightly enough pressure to give me a headache after a little while. This thing is plastic, however, and while it is a sturdy plastic, it will never have the same feel as the increasingly common metal accent headsets.I don’t know what people are talking about with volume – while I did have to spend a few minutes jiggering everything into place, this headset gets way louder than I can handle. Bass is pretty clear and warm, but doesn’t really have a huge “oomph” that comes with some higher end headsets. Still more than enough for my purposes.To conclude: if you’re looking for a wireless PC specific headset, I encourage giving the Klipsch’s a try; they’re similar in clarity, but lack that fullness that comes with a cord. For all the people using mid-range TB’s… After being there and doing that, I STRONGLY encourage investing in these.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    This is by far the most comfortable headset I have owned. The open back feature is very nice for keeping cool while playing for hours, also I can hear more from around me if someone is trying to get my attention or needs me. For me this is a plus, but if you want more noise cancelation and isolation you should go with the closed model instead. The sound is great, I really enjoy the simple volume mechanic on the side, all you do is spin the wheel up or down. To mute the microphone you simple raise it away from you’re mouth and it makes a “click” when it is muted. I use these for both my PC and Ps4 with no issues whatsoever.Price 4.5/5 – Compared to other similar priced headsets I would say this is definetly in the right price range.Durability 5/5 – Extremely good build quality, very thick headband and padding. The wires are braided cables that are quite long and sturdy.Comfort 5/5 – I can’t overemphasize enough how comfortable these are, it barely feels like I have them on.Sound 4.5/5 – I think there is a slight loss in sound quality due to the open back feature of the headset, however, this does not bother me at all as I can hear whats going on around me and I think that it adds to the comfort. They still sound awesome.Note: I have used these both with and without an ASTRO mixamp, the mixamp does improve the sound slightly, while giving extra control over tweaking the sound volume / game vs party chat. However, it is definetly not needed, these sound good enough on their own and I would only reccomend a mixamp if you want extra controlls for different audio types.

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  5. Guillermo M.

    So I initially bought these for PC use but I do have an XBOX one X and just started recently using it with the console. I have noticed that when plugging into the controller and playing I get these constant static noises as well as the game telling me to reconnect my controller as if it is losing connection. The minute I unplug the headphones there are no issues. I also tried replacing the batteries for brand new ones on the controller, same issue. I wonder if the headphones require too much power for what this controller can provide? I am. Using the included console cable, I use their standard cable on my PC and have no issues there as well. they sound pretty incredible and they are extremely comfortable. But, this is a problem going forward, I don’t want to have to get another pair, the usual gaming headset competition doesn’t sound as good or as comfortable.

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  6. Jennifer

    I was really expecting more from this brand and in the end I sent this headset back. I’m a gamer and a streamer. I tend to wear my headset for long periods of time so I like to have something comfortable. Upon removing this headset from the box it just looked cheap to me. It felt durable enough, but because it was shiny it just looked cheap.The sound quality really was not anything special. The headset that I was replacing was a HyperX Cloud that my puppy finally killed and honestly; I sent this back and bought another Cloud. The HyperX knocks this out of the water in my opinion. I expected to be blown away by the sound quality of the Sennheiser and I just wasn’t.The comfort: It’s not there. I wear glasses and I know that I am also prone to migraines. I talked to other owners of Sennheisers and was told that they really don’t loosen up after wear. A friend of mine even told me that he swaps to earbuds after a few hours because his head hurts after wearing his headset too long. Big nope there. I have forgotten that I’m wearing my Clouds in the past and found myself tethered to my desk. I expected more.Bottomline: I think you’re paying for the name here because you’re not paying for anything else special. You can get a superior headset for much much less and be a lot happier in the end. If you’re loyal to this brand, then maybe give it a shot. This one was just meh in my book.

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  7. CJ

    Pros: extremely comfortable to wear for long sessions, even with glasses. Nice long cord with extension, plenty of room to stand up, stretch out, etc… audio quality was above averageCons: Terrible mic. Myself and another friend with same headset both have significant issues with the pickup on the mic. Almost always cuts in and out. Even with sensitivity cranked, it will trail off on detection, yet still catch every breath you take. Your friends will hate you for having this mic.Volume. Max volume on headset is terribly low. This significantly impacts gameplay. Can be difficult to hear those very important but subtle audio queues

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  8. PeekabooJake

    If you were trying to find a good pair of gaming headphones like me and search all over…LOOK NO FURTHER! THE Sennheiser Gaming One headset is a really great buy for anyone looking to get best quality in construction and sound quality! The fit is very comfortable and has a wide adjustment for any size head. I wear glasses when I play and these headphones don’t squeeze them into my skull like most headphones do. ALSO this product comes with TWO cables: one cable that 3 meters that splits into separate sound and mic, and other that goes straight to 3.5mm audio/mic (for Xbox One, ps4 or mobile devices). Both cabels are braided and are built to last! The headset is also very loud! I had mine plugged into my Xbox One controller and only set the volume to 1/4th the way and it was perfect. You can crank these puppies UP! My only complaint is that I can’t get sound when I plugged the 3.5mm to my phone (I think it’s because of the mic) but the split cable works when I use just the headphone side only. Over all a really nice headset for anyone who wants to upgrade their gaming sessions.

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  9. Aaron

    Pros.-Audio clarity which really is why I continue to stick with Sennheiser.-The soft ear pads are large enough they don’t create pressure on my ear anywhere unlike the previous Sennheiser model I used.-The microphone after spending a few minutes adjusting so the sound level and clarity is fantastic. I can lean over near my box fan or near my window air conditioner and nobody could hear it yet hear me talk at a normal volume perfectly fine.-Most importantly I’ve owned these since February of 2016 and they still look and feel brand new.Cons. This is really why I’m writing this review and the only reason I docked 1 star.-The microphone mute function stopped working and I have no idea when. People on teamspeak can still hear what’s going on when I have the boom fully up past the physical click you hear when rotating the boom past the cut off point. When these were new I could clap my hands right next to the mic in the up position and nothing would come through, now it’s like it’s in the ON position. Real shame since now I have to mute myself in the software after tabbing out of my game which is a real shame.

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  10. Cris Michel

    I’ve had these for over a year and a half and I absolutely love them.I got this when it was on sale. For most of my life I’ve used Sennheiser equipment so when my Razer Kraken Neon got to the the point where they were giving me a headache after only a few hours of wear due to ear-cup size, I finally sprang for the Game Ones. I play a lot of MMORPGs such as ARK, ESO, Guild Wars 2, and War Thunder, so having a breathable headset that can take me through 12+ hours of gameplay is important to me. Plus, the open ear design also means that ones hearing is kept in better tact than with your standard closed headset.Honestly there is no difference spec wise from the Game One and Sennheiser’s mid tier audiophile headphones–the only difference is the boom mic. The noise canclation of the mic is spectaular and my friends don’t even know that I’m typing on my mechancical keyboard. It literally takes the cat getting right in my face (and next the mic itself) and meowing for them to hear anything that isn’t me. I always recommend Sennheiser as headphones in general, but since owning these I now suggest to anyone looking for a quality headset to buy either the Game One (this) or the Game Zero. The only thing I wish the Game One had was the folding hinges of the Game Zero so I could have maximum portability without worrying about my headset in a backpack. Other than that, I enjoy the open ear/air design and wouldn’t change anything about these for the world.A few notes:-When you flip the boom up it automatically mutes you. There’s a point where this occurs but I’ve yet to truly mess around and find the spot that the headset registers you as having the boom all the way up vs being all the way up.-This *does not require a USB adapter or a combo audio adapter.*This is not made clear on the page and they even try to bundle combo audio together. What you get is two cords, one a shorter 3.5mm jack plug that turns the headset into a headset for your phone or a computer that doesn’t have split audio/mic (some laptops) and a very long split audio/mic 3.5mm jack set. Both cords simply twist/pull free (I twist to pull them free but push them in, though I’ve never had the cord ripped out of the headset when I’ve dropped the PS4 controller) and you can swap them however you’d like. Both come with Velcro cable management ties and I find this particularly handy for both storage and for how my gaming tower is set up. The long cord when you plug the two 3.5mm jacks into the front of the PC can get tangled and being able to have it wrapped up and stay wrapped up is a blessing.-The braiding is very good quality, easily beating my Razer mouse and keyboard. But if you’re wrapping and unwrapping the cables often the little teeth on the Velcro will eventually make the braiding fuzz up. It’s just a little thing that might bug some people so keep that in mind. It shouldn’t remotely be a dealbreaker for you, though.-The volume control will not mute the whole thing, simply turn it down very low.This is something I really like because of the open ear/air design. I can lower the volume to have a conversation with someone in the room without moving one ear cup off my head and putting the headset at an odd angle. I don’t mind doing this on other headsets but for some reason on my Game One it’s very uncomfortable.All in all, I absolutely love this headset. I use it for regular gaming in my single player games,, my lone dungeon crawls, watching YouTube, Netflix, listening to music, using the PS4’s mic/headphone plug, or even as a headset with my phone via the single 3.5mm jack. Sennheiser makes some of the best quality equipment out there and I am nothing but impressed at their headset.

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    Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset, Open Acoustic, Noise-canceling mic, Flip-to-Mute, XXL Plush Velvet Ear Pads – Black…
    Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset, Open Acoustic, Noise-canceling mic, Flip-to-Mute, XXL Plush Velvet Ear Pads – Black… Price: $179.99 (as of 19/07/2021 23:09 PST- Details)

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