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Super Mario Party

Amazon.com Price:  $49.90 (as of 19/07/2021 13:10 PST- Details)

Outwit friends and family as you race across the board; whoever gets the most stars wins!
Play the original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode locally* or online**
Character-specific Dice Blocks with alternate numberings add another level to your strategy


Amazon.com Price:  $49.90 (as of 19/07/2021 13:10 PST- Details)


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Super Mario Party

Platform:Nintendo Switch | Edition:Standard

Turn the tables on opponents as you race across the board to collect the most stars in the original four-player* Mario Party series board game mode—now with newly-added online play.**

Whether you’re pedaling tricycles or who knows what else, you’ll use Joy-Con controllers in clever ways across 80 wild minigames. Some are all-out free-for-alls, others are 2 vs 2, or even 1 vs 3! Set up a private room and play your favorites and enjoy some friendly competition with friends online.***

Whether playing solo or with friends, there’s a mode for every party. Take turns rolling dice and racing across the game board in the 4-player Mario Party mode, or team up for Partner Party. Journey down a path of 80 minigame challenges in the single-player Challenge Road mode.

Online play comes to the board game mode in Super Mario Party

Play several modes online** with friends—including the iconic Mario Party board game mode and minigames—with a free update to the Super Mario Party game. You can also team up and take the action online in the strategic 2 vs 2 Partner Party mode, or just play your favorite minigames online***! Open up a match for friends or set a password for a private match. With online play added to these modes, even more Super Mario Party fun can be shared with friends across the globe.

*Additional games, systems and/or accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Games, systems and some accessories sold separately.
**Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply.
***Ten minigames are not supported by online play and include Strike It Rich, Time to Shine, Take a Stab, All-Star Swingers, Rhythm and Bruise, Pep Rally, Wiped Out, Fiddler on the Hoof, Clearing the Table, and Baton and On. Additionally, the Sound Stage, Toad’s Rec Room, Challenge Road and River Survival modes do not support online play.

Outwit friends and family as you race across the board; whoever gets the most stars wins!
Play the original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode locally* or online**
Character-specific Dice Blocks with alternate numberings add another level to your strategy
Dozens of exciting minigames packed with wildly different challenges—now with newly-added online*** play
Pair two Nintendo Switch systems, lay them flat, and creatively combine both screens to enjoy a different, interactive style of tabletop gaming in Toad’s Rec Room mode*

10 reviews for Super Mario Party

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  1. Maria Zelinski


    The game feels incomplete and at best, a decent entry into a handheld Mario Party game, however, the Switch is also a console hybrid, so this feels out of place due to its lack of features. Even with future updates, this game needs some heavy revamping. This feels like the release of Bomberman R, which was a game released for the Switch that lacked a lot of basic features previous Bomberman games had–they’re still trying to patch things up to bring it up to speed a year later!

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  2. Kiki

    A lot of fun!

    I haven’t played Mario Marty since my Nintendo Wii days so I was so excited to try the new Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a lot of fun and there are so many characters to choose from. I enjoy each game board and the challenges. I love that you can play with other Nintendo friends too.Game was packaged securely and in excellent condition!

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  3. Angela

    Fun game, minor flaw!

    The game itself is fun, but i do have a few gripes about super mario party that i do not like. On the back of the game itself states “Party anywhere, anyway!”First of all you can Not play the game with a pro controller! No where in the advertising was this ever mentioned. I personally like playing games with a controller or in handheld mode. I like having the option to do so and not to be forced to play a game in one certain way, i found out about the use of the joycons only after i baught the game and looked at the back of the box.This leads me to my second gripe where you can Not play the game in handheld mode! This i do not like at all considering if i was traveling and wanted to play the game by myself on a plane or a train i can’t because i am forced to have a table to use one of the joycons. While i understand why they implemented the use if the joycons the way the did i do not agree with the choice. Many of the movements, button controls, and actions can be used with a pro controller. My husbands hands started cramping due to the fact of how you have to hold the joycons in order to play the game.My last conplaint about the game is how small the boards are when playing party mode. Nintendo should have doubled the board size for a better gaming experience.The pros of super mario party are the mini games are all fun, no two games are exactly alike giving it a more diverse feeling. The inclusions of the hub world is a nice touch giving you the option to feel apart of the game. The character animation and bright art syle make it visualy appealing, alont with that the music is nothing special but has the fell of an old mario party game giving it a nostalgic feeling.Lasting of nintendo could send out an update to be able to play the game with a pro contoller And in handheld mode the game would be a must have for any nintendo lover and would have been rated 5 stars!

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  4. T. A. Nicolai

    Can I get a high five!!! Really enjoying this version of the Mario Party series.

    After several plays, the wife and I are really enjoying the game. I decided to update my rating to five starsMy first experience with the Mario Party series was #8 on the original Wii. The wife and I loved that version and it is still our go to one for a great Mario Party experience. We did not like how the players moved as a group in #9 and #10 so we rarely play those anymore. We also did not like that when you came to the end of the board, the game was over. We liked being able to play a number of turns and going around the board a number of times in #8.This Switch version has gone back to the independent movement of each character so that was a huge plus for us. Kudos for going back to that format. They also removed and end space to each board so you can go around as many times you like depending on the number of turns you play. Number of turns is either 10, 15 or 20 turns… at least on the one board I played (Whomp board).The Whomp board that I played was pretty small compared to what I have been used to in the previous versions. I hope the others are not like that. If they are… a bit of a bummer but we are okay with it.The graphics and colors look beautiful to us. Really rich and vivid. We like the high five feature… even with the rival characters like Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, etc.The mini games are a blast to play too. I could never stand the ones that were based solely on luck. I liked the ones that required skill, quickness and timing, etc. and so far all of the mini games are not based solely on luck… at least the ones we have played.The Sound Stage feature of the game is fun to play as well. It is a timing thing done to music. You have to do various motions with the joy con controller to the beat of the music.In terms of being able to use only the joy con controllers, I have no problem with that and am used to using the small controllers with most the games that I have. Should the option be available to use alternate controllers? It would be nice. Does not affect my enjoyment (so far) of the game.In the meantime… have a great time with this new version. The wife and I will!!! Now go out and party!

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  5. Jay Meadow

    No. Bring Back 4 & 5!

    Remember playing the old Mario Party games alone or with family and navigating a highly interactive, colorful and vivid map for hours upon hours? Well, keep remembering. You won’t find that here. You’ll get 4 dull maps that just loop and loop right in your face as your opponents accumulate stars at a rate of at least once per turn. The mini games last about 2.3 seconds and half of them you can barely figure out even with the instructions.Oh, and if you thought you were using a controller for this? No. You thought wrong. You’ll be using your Joy Cons for an exceptionally clunky experience if you have hands bigger than a 5 year old. Be prepared to press the wrong button(s). Often.The nostalgia is gone. The fun is gone. The smiles are gone. This game is more of a chore and a slap in the face than anything.Buy at your own risk. But in my opinion you could just pay a stranger or a loved one $60 to slap you in the face. It’s basically the same thing.UpdateI stand by this review to date.

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  6. CH

    Great Party Game

    I have been a fan of Mario party since the very first one on N64 but have not been buying the games as they seemed to have strayed from the original more than I would have liked. However, this one seemed to go back to its roots–so I knew I had to get it!What I like:-you can edit the length of the game (and it give you the estimated amount of time to complete it. i.e. 10 turns is approx. 60 min).-you can practice the mini-games before hand (and EVERYONE has to be “ready” before the game starts–otherwise you stay in the practice mode).-you can play the mini-games or other fun short games on your own if you do not want to play for an hour or more.-it is VERY friendly to those who are new/unfamiliar to gaming–so it is an essential game to have!-you can change modes at any time (just fyi “normal” level is actually rather easy if you are an experienced gamer).-the game boards are different and have some fun elements to them!-the switch remove vibrates and pings when it is your turn or somehow you are involved in what is occurring in the gameplay.-lots of super funny and clever minigames (some are definitely throw backs to the original game)What could have been improved:-I wish you could skip or fast forward through computer players turns if you wanted. Playing by myself was like 2-3 minutes watching them, and only 1 minute really playing (including my turn and the mini-game).-as is expected, some of the mini-games are not as exciting as others. Many of the team/cooperative ones I found to be rather boring (such as sorting the sports balls into the different basket). However, that is just my opinion.-there are only 4 party boards that are fairly small.-you need to use joy-con controllers to play (which is a minor thing to me but important to note).Overall:-In summary, this is a fun casual-playing game, and I am glad I got it. Some of the dialogue is very cheesy but that’s fine. I feel like this game (and Smash Bros) are two party games that are essential to have. This one is definitely more friendly to those who are inexperienced gamers–but can still be fun if you have a group of experienced gamers as well!

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  7. Caroline

    Not Mario Party ??

    Well, for starters …… it’s the wrong game. But the person who received the Mario Kart was still happy about it, so I’m not too upset. But yeah, it’s the wrong game.

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  8. Monica

    Great Delivery

    I have absolutely no complaints about this game so far , I’d say that Amazon it’s self has nothing to do with how it plays out but only should take charge in the delivery and if the package comes damaged or not , and I have to say that every thing came out with no damages and my only complaint was that there was some sticky stuff on top of the packing. But other then that so far good. Also came on time.

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  9. Just Me

    For any Mario fan

    PROS:IT IS MARIO PARTY!Many new challenging mini-games. They requires some skill due to the motion controls now not as many easy wins. This could obviously change over time but with practice but for once everyone who didn’t grow up planing Nintendo games has an equal playing field.On the surface it seems just like every other Mario Party- with less board options. However if you explore there are any hidden gems. I really enjoy the partner party and the versatility.I appreciate that Nintendo gave me a logical reason for owning 2 switches with mini-games, not in the party, that require two switches. (Pictured)I love the special dice for each player and buddy team ups.CONS:It is long. I thought no way can 10 turns take up the estimated hour. It does. 10 turns isn’t long enough to have a game you are satisfied with. Just when things are getting good, you finally are close to a star or you are given several items. The game is over. The longer board times are ridiculous and realistic. 20 turns for 2 hours?There are 5 party boards, and only 3 unlocked to begin with and they are tiny boards. Megafruit Paradise has roughly 50 spaces at most. Whomp’s Domino Ruins has about 54. I don’t have the official records on me. I however do not believe that many of the Mario Parties were this short. No way was Boo’s Haunted House 50 spaces and if it was I never looked at it and said wow this is pointless. Maybe they need better pictures if games are always 50~ spaces. you look at board selection and are underwhelmed.4 players even with 2 systems. I understand why but no pro controller. Just the itty bitty controller and no other options. If you are out and about you can’t really play. They should consolidate a section of free play mini-games into controller selection. Many could be played with a pro controller or as a handheld because they use only buttons.I love it, my kids love it. I missed Mario Party and was tired of N64 and Wii/U games its been decades, I love the variety now. I hadn’t broken out my switch since beating BOTW DLC in both modes. So it’s nice to have a game to play with the family and its never the same. There are a lot of mini-games I have played 3 parties and 1 partner party and have yet to play the same mini-game twice.

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  10. T. Putnam

    Great Game Poor Service

    Let me just star out by saying this game deserves a 4.5 at least. The game itself is very fun to play with friends. However, my problem was from the actual box for housing the game. As you can see in the pictures the plastic covering the box art was misprinted. It was like this strait out of the box and resulted in damage to the box art. Normally I would not be this nit-picky, but when paying for a full priced new game I would like everything included my purchase to be in good condition. This is also unfortunate because the box are is very fun and appealing. Again this is a great game and I do recommend it but until my problem is resolved I cannot give it a full rating. Hopefully Amazon can resolve this.Thanks for reading!

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    Super Mario Party
    Super Mario Party

    Amazon.com Price:  $49.90 (as of 19/07/2021 13:10 PST- Details)

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