Valorant: Our Top Tips & Tricks for Getting Good

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Fundamentally, Valorant is strikingly akin to many FPS games, in a multitude of ways. Meaning; to obtain the edge over the competition, sometimes it is necessary to go the extra mile. Sure, you are entirely at liberty to hop into a game and hope for the best, praying for the odds to eventually swing in your favor.

Some gold old fashioned ground-pounding, as it were? But if you want to succeed at Valorant truly, you will want to maximize your chances in the field.


So, without further or do, I have prepared some essential, top tips for getting good at Valorant.

Please do enjoy it! Hopefully, after this article is over, you will be fully equipped to fight for victory.


Valorant: Our Top Tips & Tricks, Valorant: Our Top Tips & Tricks for Getting Good,



Take to the Practice Range

Now, this one goes without saying, to some degree, but you would be surprised how many players jump straight into a firefight without prior practice.

Aside from the introductory tutorial, the Shooting Test enables players to take to the range in a series of challenges. As you might imagine, this is handy for several essential reasons. Not only for improving accuracy but for the option to tinker with weapon sensitivity too.


Alternatively, the open range grants you unlimited funds to test out as many guns as you desire, alongside the different agents.

And from my experience, getting a feel for a specific weapon early on goes a long way in developing confidence.



Get Accustomed to Cornering Like a Pro

Next up, we come to the aspect of player movement. And one factor that plays a large part in whether you succeed or fail is the ability to navigate corners effectively.

Angles then can make or break a game. So, to get the drop on any nearby enemies, you will want to secure a decent line of sight by hugging corners and peaking around them.


Valorant: Our Top Tips & Tricks, Valorant: Our Top Tips & Tricks for Getting Good,



Like all FPS games, Valorant operates on a strict, split-second basis. Hang around, and your toast.

But best not forget, if you have found an advantageous position with good scooping potential, chances are, you are not the first. So, in that regard, always be extra vigilant. Especially when entering new areas of the map.

Some agents, like Brimstone, can obscure enemy vision with the use of smoke bombs. Perfect for making a quick getaway or getting the upper hand amidst the unfolding confusion.


In Valorant, Communication is Key

Communication, in most aspects of everyday life, is essential. And Valorant is no different.

Thankfully, the ping system is ideal for when all else fails. Sometimes, no matter how sincere the orders you bark down the headset are or the number of callouts you send to comrades that go unmissed, nothing beats the clear and concise effectiveness of the ping system.


Valorant: Our Top Tips & Tricks, Valorant: Our Top Tips & Tricks for Getting Good,



Like Apex Legends in many respects, at the press of a button, players can highlight an area indicated by your crosshair. Upon which, this will then show up on your teammate’s HUD.

Thus, allowing you to pinpoint enemy locations, flanking positions, and dropped spikes. With the ping system, you can strategize on the move. On top of that, you can also gain insight into what abilities other players in your squad have.


An element that could come in handy when it gets to the crunch.



Team Orientated, Buy/Request Weapon Feature

In Valorant, at times, things might not be going your way. Besides, it is a punishing game challenging to master, with plenty of stiff competition, at every turn. The match may not be going right for you, and unfortunately, you wind up stuck in a bit of a rut kit-wise. Maybe, you splashed out too much cash on other weapons and abilities?


Well, there is a way around the short-change situation. Players can offer to buy guns on behalf of squadmates during the buy phase screen or contribute towards their current kits with credits before a battle.

In my mind, this is a friendly, team-centric system, and when utilized correctly, it will earn you valuable brownie points with other players while kitting out your team for victory.


That must be a win-win!


So, there you have it, folks. A series of critical pointers to becoming a better player at Valorant. How do you prepare for war?


Good luck, soldier.


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