BioShock: The Collection – Xbox One Price: $19.99 (as of 08/05/2021 11:30 PST- Details)

Remastered in 1080p.
BioShock main game and all single player DLC.
BioShock 2 main game and all single player DLC.

Tag: Price: $19.99 (as of 08/05/2021 11:30 PST- Details)

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Platform:Xbox One | Edition:Collection

Return to the cities of Rapture and Columbia and experience the award-winning BioShock franchise like never before, beautifully remastered in 1080p. BioShock: The Collection contains all single-player content from BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, all single-player add-on content, the “Columbia’s Finest” pack, and Director’s Commentary: Imagining BioShock, featuring Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson.


BioShock is a shooter unlike any you’ve ever played, loaded with weapons and tactics never seen. You’ll have a complete arsenal at your disposal from simple revolvers to grenade launchers and chemical throwers, but you’ll also be forced to genetically modify your DNA to create an even more deadly weapon: you.

• Museum of Orphaned Concepts

• Challenge Rooms

BioShock 2

Set approximately 10 years after the events of the original BioShock, the halls of Rapture once again echo with sins of the past. Along the Atlantic coastline, a monster has been snatching little girls and bringing them back to the undersea city of Rapture. Players step into the boots of the most iconic denizen of Rapture, the Big Daddy, as they travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers and their own survival.

• Minerva’s Den

• Protector Trials

BioShock Infinite

Bring us the girl, wipe away the debt. The year is 1912. Deep in debt, Booker DeWitt has only one opportunity for a clean slate: rescue Elizabeth, a mysterious girl imprisoned since childhood in the flying city of Columbia.

• Clash in the Clouds

• Burial at Sea 1&2

• Columbia’s Finest Pack


• Remastered in 1080p.

• BioShock main game and all single player DLC.

• BioShock 2 main game and all single player DLC.

• BioShock Infinite main game and all single player DLC.

• Director’s Commentary: Imagining BioShock, featuring Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson

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Remastered in 1080p.
BioShock main game and all single player DLC.
BioShock 2 main game and all single player DLC.
BioShock Infinite main game and all single player DLC.
Director’s Commentary: Imagining BioShock, featuring Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson

10 reviews for BioShock: The Collection – Xbox One

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  1. Grand Shopper

    Must buy even to replay

    Fast delivery, Best 3 games in one container. I loved one, two I loved even more as the plasmids were even better and great to return to Rapture and three was fun, but not as good as two. For the price at black friday … $30, $10 per game, way worth it, but worth it at $60. All DLC comes with it, but Bioshock 2 is NOT multiplayer as the first release was via the Xbox 360.EDIT: Do have a mild problem with Bioshock Infinite, the game seems to “lag”. It is not smooth. There is a constant lagging almost when moving.

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  2. The Lazer Viking

    The trilogy which elevated games to an art form – now remastered!

    I’ll begin by mentioning that I’m reviewing this collection for the Xbox one. All versions of the collection seem to be the same, without any real extras to set the different versions apart. The collection includes all three Bioshock games (including Bioshock 2, which the team behind the original and Infinite did not work on), all related add-ons and downloadable content, plus a few extra goodies like commentary from Ken Levine, the mastermind behind the series. The refreshed coat of paint plus the extra commentary are enough for me (or anyone else who has already paid for and played the trilogy) to merit buying this collection in my opinion. If you haven’t had the chance to play these games yet, I implore you to just click “Add to Cart” and be on your way.Gameplay wise, all the games still play the same, which is to say they are extremely enjoyable and rewarding to actually play through. If you’ve been used to modern shooters, you may think that the control scheme and mechanics of the original Bioshock feel a little dated. However, it’s easy to get back into naturally and won’t ruin the experience; I just wish they could have adjusted BS2’s and Infinite’s smoother controls for the first game. At the very least, plasmids and guns in BS1 are mapped to different triggers, but you still have to awkwardly switch between “equipped” hands to use them, unlike in later games. Otherwise, all the games are still as fun as you remember them.The weapons and plasmids are all satisfying to use. Every gunshot FEELS solid in these games. The effect is hard to describe, but when you use a weapon or power in these games several elements come together to just make it genuinely satisfying- the shock feedback of the controller, the recoil of the gun firing, the subtle visual feedback that your hit connected, etc. Some games do this sloppily, but every Bioshock is adept at making you feel powerful and like you’re doing real damage. Combining different weapons and powers in various ways for great effect is still fun, from the simple “old one-two punch” you first learn in the opening stages of BS1 to the more complex vigor combinations you can play with in Columbia.Each game builds upon the last in terms of the options you’re given to dispatch enemies. While Bioshock 1 is fully featured in terms of weapons and abilities, BS2 builds upon the original arsenal with Big Daddy-specific capabilities. And while juggling conventional weapons and plasmids provides more than enough gameplay variety, Elizabeth’s helpful abilities in Infinite add yet another dimension to the multitude of choices the series grants you to tackle foes, not to mention how she always seems to toss you the exact items you most desperately need, or the amazing way she is written into Infinite’s story.Enemies throughout the series are still mostly comprised of splicer / human types, with some “big bads” thrown in (though interestingly without many true level-ending “boss fights”), but their variety of abilities, weapons, and specific weaknesses makes them a satisfying menagerie of foes to shoot, shock, and blast through. Regular difficulty may be too easy for gamers who play shooters frequently, but hard (and Infinite’s 1999 mode) offer a good challenge. Furthermore, the environments, while cohesive enough to make it feel like you’re in a real city and not just some shooting gallery funhouse, are varied enough to make killing all these enemies feel fresh for every new level you encounter.Rapture is still an incredibly eerie and mystical place to explore and fight through, while Columbia has an unmatched splendor all its own. The graphics are overall good in all games, with amazing art direction and true vision behind the design, but there are a few instances BS1 and 2 give their last-gen roots away. Still, Rapture will wow you whether or not you’ve never seen it before just due to how well conceived it is. Lighting and particle effects are brought up to current standards. The textures are improved, and there are more objects and details to fill out the world and make it feel real, but some things still look a little “blocky” having been originally intended for last-generation polygon counts … but you just don’t care. You’re too busy soaking up the atmosphere, creeping along watching for the next crazed lunatic to jump you from the shadows.Same with Columbia. For all versions of the game, the version of Infinite we get is basically unchanged from the original PC version. This isn’t necessarily bad if you’re buying on console, since when Infinite originally came out, PC processing had already surpassed what the 360 and ps3 could do, so the console versions of these games were never truly “optimized” like the PC version was. For being a few years old, this game has aged particularly well due to its art design, and if you’ve never had a powerful enough computer to play Infinite on max settings before, playing this version on your Xbox one or PS4 will be a real treat. Either way, the sheer brilliance of the land of Columbia is enough to make all but the most stuck up players forgive any graphical niggles (of which there are few, anyway).If you already have a PC version of Infinite, its addition is a little redundant since it’s unchanged for you, but from my understanding if you own one or all of the games on Steam there’s some sort of monetary compensation in place. I can’t comment on that though, since I bought the Xbox version.The graphic upgrades do a lot to make the games look as good as you remember them looking; even though they won’t be knocking any true next gen games out of the park, the games still look contemporary. Believe me, if you booted the original console BS1, you’d be a bit disappointed by how it aged graphically. And, yes, running each game at 60 frames per second gives the animation a lifelike fluidity that you don’t see with lower framerates.The real magic, though, is that the environments in all 3 games don’t feel like they’ve been made for you. They’re not your personal arenas to slog through. Every location is so meticulously created, down to the last detail, that you feel like you’re a guest in these two actual, real (albeit fantastical) cities that have been there all along. The world feels lived in, not personally tailored for your adventure like it does in so many other games. Little details which are easy to miss often come up later, and it’s so satisfying when you notice these consistencies. There was some real thought put into the creation of these cities.Sound-wise, all three games are great. The background sounds and music are high fidelity. The original games supported surround sound but it seems like some people are having issues with it in the collection. The weapons and plasmids/vigors sound appropriately powerful. The voice acting is top notch all around. Who can forget Andrew Ryan’s monologues or Comstock’s sermonizing? To me the sound effects sound remastered, and if they are in fact not, it just means the original sounds were sufficiently hi-fi to begin with. If you have a system that can take advantage of the audio quality, prepare to have your bones chilled with every little noise you hear exploring Rapture’s depths, or have your ears be given a treat while taking in all of Columbia’s sounds as well as its sights. The background music also does a great job of waxing and waning in each game to build up and dissipate tension, or to perfectly complement the visual atmosphere you’re experiencing.So, I’ve thoroughly approved of the graphics, sounds, gameplay in this collection. All that’s left to discuss is the story and the value. If you’ve already played the games, you know about the stories. If you haven’t even played a minute of any Bioshock, you already might even know how what a wild ride these games take you on just based on their popularity. Despite the great gameplay and engaging atmosphere in each game, the story is the real star here.These games are very cerebral. Every single story told is worthy of a novel or a great movie. Even BS2, which is often considered the weakest of the series, is still great. And honestly, its only handicap is that it doesn’t offer a fresh location to explore, though it is still full of new ideas, and the places you visit in Rapture on your second go are a contrast to those seen in the first game. The unique thing about every Bioshock game is that the presentation and exposition of these incredible stories couldn’t be told through any medium other than a video game due to your unique perspective as the main character in the game. You will get sucked in and emotionally attached in some way each game. You CAN fly through them without even thinking about what’s going on in the game, but you won’t want to. There are philosophical ideas grounded at the core of each adventure. Through each story there are multiple quandaries thrown at you: concerning the nature of humanity, about political agendas and greed, ethics, religion, racism, classism, ultra-nationalism, and even the nature of the universe itself. All these lofty ideas aren’t forced down your throat, but rather presented in such a way that makes thinking about them interesting, rather than a chore, even if you don’t normally have the slightest bit of interest in ruminating over ideas like morality and fate while you’ve mowing down waves of rabid enemies. Ignoring these philosophical musings, every game still has a unique “angle” to its story, each with its own “Oh sh*t!” moments that will completely surprise you and throw you for a loop.And finally, what about value? If you haven’t played any (or even just one) of these games yet, I’d say the full price of admission is worth it. Every single game you get here is a masterpiece, and you get three of them, plus their (mostly) acclaimed DLC. Even BS2 would be considered a masterpiece by more critics if it didn’t have its own prequel and sequel to compare to.If you’ve already played all three (plus the add-ons, etc), it may be worth it to wait for a price drop unless you’re as crazy about Bioshock as I am. Though a lot of content is packed into this collection, BS2 multiplayer is missing, and the only truly “new” bonus content included is the commentary/”making of.” Something to think about is that as of the time of me writing this review, Prime members get 20% off new game purchases, making the price a bit easier to swallow- $48 vs $60.Still, whether or not you’ve experienced what Bioshock has to offer before, this package is the real deal. Three games, two of which were upgraded enough to look like they truly fit in with current generation games, all DLC, plus commentary. Additionally, for console players this version of Infinite is a graphical upgrade from the 360/ps3 release. For me, this has so far been $48 well spent. If you’re not new to Bioshock and want to wait for the inevitable price drop, I don’t fault you. I’m usually a “patient gamer” in that sense too, taking full advantage of the price of a game falling after the initial hype dies. However, any gamer owes it to his or herself to pick this collection up at some point, either to reexperience the magic, or if they’re new to the series, to finally take the plunge and see what it means to experience a series crafted well enough to be called “art” by many critics.

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  3. Ty Randall Bourgeois

    Will Always Love this game!

    I’m a little bias so I don’t know if you can take me at face value but I love this game. I always have and I will always recommend this game. 3 games in one is a good deal.Bioshock, great combination of horror and fps. The horror kind of fades once you start killing the big daddies, who are a challenge in EVERY game mode. I have 100%ed this game more than once and its always such a fun challenge. The story is so well done with all the hints leading to a great climax. Great villains. Take a moment and listen to what the NPCs say. It can be funny. Doable achievements.Bioshock 2: Recently 100% this. I didn’t care much for the multiplayer this game originally came with but that’s not on this version just all the DLC missions. I feel the story is a little weaker in this game, causing some plot holes I don’t enjoy. However, the gameplay is really fun and adds some new elements to drive the game onward. In the original, there got to be a point where you were just OP and nothing could hurt you. In this game that’s a bit harder to achieve. So there is that in the balancing. I enjoyed this and can definitely recommend it.Bioshock: InfiniteLove this game. The melee combat is where its at and I freaking love it! I haven’t 100%ed this yet but I’m working on it. That’s all for now. BUY THIS!

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  4. Raymond Guzman

    AMAZING GAME! Great story mode.

    Ugh. If you haven’t played the Bioshock series yet your missing out.For me the first one is my all time favorite if the three and one my all time favorite games in general because there was NOTHING like it and seeing rapture for the first time captured me. Infinite was my 2nd favorite. Just did not like the ending.Bioshock 2 was not a bad game but idk. Wasn’t as into and emotionally pulled in as I was in the first but still a great game.FUN SERIES for those who enjoy great story.

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  5. Numbah 1

    Some freezes with Bioshock 2 and Burial at Sea but overall, a very fun game.

    Good:The people at 2k games remastered Bioshock 1 perfectly ranging from the beautiful graphics to the anxiety inducing sounds. I absolutely loved playing bioshock series for the first time. I loved the audio and sounds from Bioshock 1 and how it always kept me on the edge of my seat. How I would hear the splicer down the hall or when they are just around the corner and playing at night helped up the anxiety factor. It was the best ever !Bad:With Bioshock 2, is where I started to run I to some troubles. There were a couple of times where the game had froze up and me and had to force quit the game. The only time it pissed me off was when I was almost finished with the entire section/level when near the end it decides to freeze up on me and the dumb me forgot to save. So had to do the entire section from the beginning when exiting the train.There was also a bug with Burial at Sea where I couldn’t select anything from the weapon wheel. I could pull it up by couldn’t move the pointer. The plasmid wheel worked but other than this, Burial at Sea is almost unplayable because of this.Conclusion:Other than some freezing from bioshock 2 and the weapon wheel bug from Burial at Sea, the collection is a must buy for anyone who wants to replay the bioshock series in gloriuos full HD or people, like me, who missed the bioshock train and is just starting to get a to the series.

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  6. Dpops

    Best. Game. Collection. Ever. Period.

    Kevin Levine is will go down as one of the most important video game producers of all time. The Bioshock collection showcases why that is. ‘Bioshock’ and ‘Bioshock: Infinite’ provide a wide range of gameplay while immersing you in the richest story telling the video game medium has to offer. The tone of gameplay transitions from surreal, comical, to horrific in spectacular fashion. No detail is spared in story telling. If you haven’t heard of these games before, take the plunge. You’ll be happy you did.

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  7. J. M. Ryan

    Best Collection of All Time

    Bioshock may be the reason I’m getting married. Crazy, right? Well way back when I first met my fiancé, I got him Bioshock for the XBox360 because I’d played it and LOVED it. Of course he fell in love with it, too, so I decided to get this for him as a present. We both absolutely love the collection. The graphics look amazing, and the commentary reels are so awesome. I’m a big fan of watching and reading about how things are made or where amazing ideas spawn from, so this collection was a must have for me. The gameplay is the same and still awesome. If you are a fan of excellent narratives, great and flexible game play and unique concepts, then this collection is a definite must have.

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  8. Arthur Schwartz

    Be careful… frame rate issues abound!

    The games themselves are outstanding. But there is a very serious issue with this particular set which doesn’t seem to have been addressed by 2K at all-FRAME RATE ISSUES.While playing Infinite, you quickly realize that the game is meant to be a highly pleasing image for the eyes. The colors and texture are stunning and the animation is very impressive. But that means nothing the moment you’re trying to watch a gorgeously produced cut scene and your system suddenly seems to be lagging. I don’t know exactly what happens, but the game acts like it freezes up and the animation then starts to become very gritty. It’s like trying to watch a 4K movie on an SNES.But the games themselves are 10/10. At least to me. And Infinite ended up being far, far better than I ever would have been able to imagine in a million years. But I’m sure it would be even better if 2K would find a fix for the notorious frame rate issues this collection has. Because it was infuriating.

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  9. N. Brady

    Great re-release for this gen consoles except for Infinite crashing.

    These have been great to play on Xbox One and they look great. My only problem is when i got to Bioshock Infinite it randomly crashes and the save system in Infinite is very poor compared to the first 2. I wish they would have made it more like the first 2 in this re-release.Bioshock one does have the PS3 only content on it i never played so that was a nice bonus and Bioshock 2 played great! Maybe by the time im done with Gears 4 and Horizon 3 they will have patched Infinite to fix the crashing and I’ll finish it. That game is too crazy on 1999 difficulty to worry about the game crashing after 30 minutes and a lot of work since it checkpointed when it crashes and you have to start over from the check point.I would recommend and hope 2k fixes Infinite crashing soon. It did it on my launch console and my new One S so its not my box causing the crashes. It crashed so bad once my Xbox reset when i tried to relaunch it!

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  10. PldgofAllegnce

    Fantastic game, great value, falls short of 5 due to glitches – no spoilers

    Updated 04/22/17The game is fantastic and for 40 bucks you get 3 full games, and all the downloaded content. I would have easily paid more for this entire collection. When you do play, make sure you go into the “extras” so you can play the downloaded content, both 1 and 2 pretty fun so far but you should definitely play them in order. UPDATE: I have finished Infinite and included it in my review, for a complete review.I played this on the Xbox OneThe reason for 4/5 instead of the full 5, is because of the glitches. Games will have glitches I understand that, but Bioshock/2/infinte came out in 2007/2010/2013, and when I researched fixes for the glitches I experienced, there were complaints all over the internet about these glitches, back in 2007 and so on. I feel that the developers should have fixed these glitches for the remaster. They clearly knew about them, but made no fix or repairs, which I think is unethical…if you are going to re-release the game (to make more money), then I feel that problems should be fixed before re-release, however it should not steer you away from this game, because it is such a unique game, and very addicting. I will not spoil anything for you in my review, so I did not name characters, weapons, story lines, etc.The glitches I did experience were minor, but the one major one I feel like I need to mention was the save glitch. Basically, you can make a new save whenever you want, and the game will autosave every new level and create a new save…basically what happens is that you can actually make” too many saves”, and then the game errors, and you are unable to make a new save or save your progress, which becomes an issue towards the end of the Bioshock 1, due to autosaves… and then for some reason the save slots are linked in the background in Bioshock 2, which means you can error for “too many saves” right away in Bioshock 2…it happened to me in the first few saves. You can fix this by going back to Bioshock 1 and deleting your old saves. There is also an issue where in Bioshock 2, the game gets stuck saving, and you cannot load, and you lose all you progress up to that point….so take my advice! have only about 5 manual saves, and 1 autosave and rotate saving over your previous files – and OFTEN. Bioshock Infinite uses an auto-save feature and does not have saving issues.The play type is so unique and different, you find all kinds of different power ups, that you can use to help you through your journey. I typically do not like “magic” in games, and I typically prefer shooters, but with this game it is really up to the player on how they want to play it. There are basically power ups you can get in the game that help you do certain tasks, or help you defeat enemies,but you will have to play to figure out what I am talking about :)You can definitely take your time and search through every area (recommended) and find some hidden goodies, or maybe some things that will help you along the way….or maybe some valuables…. I took my time and literally went everywhere possible and I got about 25 hours (including extras) on Bioshock 1, and 21 hours (including extras) in Bioshock 2. Bioshock Infinite took me about 20 hours, without extras. The extras in the game can last awhile as there is a “Wave Mode”, so however many hours you get out of it is up to you. With that being said, you do not HAVE to do that, so if you do not like looking around and collecting, you can definitely follow the games path, and finish in much faster time.Infinite was a let down for me, and I honestly thought it hurt the reputation of the game. The artwork and scenery is incredible, but I feel like too much time was focused on that than the actual gameplay. It was like playing a completely different game. The second I walked into the game I thought to myself, oh man this is going to be great, I cannot wait to see what is ahead!, but throughout the game I was thinking, ok, when us all the fun stuff going to happen? and then it ended. I kinda just pushed through to complete the game. The story was over complicated…and honestly I think they tried too hard to make it interesting. Honestly I think infinite was super over hyped, and I probably would give the game 2/5 by itself.I played on the hardest difficulty and Bioshock 1 was definitely a challenge….Bioshock 2 however was too easy for me, I wish they did have one more difficulty level, that was a bit harder. Bioshock Infinite was too easy. I also played on the hardest difficulty, but I only died maybe 3-4 times throughout…until the end….the final scenes of gameplay were so difficult, it did not match the rest of the game…it was so odd, that I had cruised through the game, and at the very end, it was so difficult, i thought about dropping the difficulty. It is hard to explain, but it just did not fit. how hard it was at the end vs the rest of the game.Do not forget about the extras! It is kinda hidden in the menu, and does not pop-out first glance…the only reason I even figured out that it had the extras was because I was actually watching a video on YouTube about the game and they mentioned it, and I was like oh crap! there’s more! So go into “extras” once you finish the story, and it will be there.Anyways the game is very cool, and I really enjoyed the story in 1, and I really really like the character you play in 2….I thought it was an impressive way to keep the gamer intrigued with the game, and not get the player “Bored” of the same tasks of Bioshock 1, especially after coming directly off Bioshock 1….but you will have to play to see 🙂 This game has already gone down as one of the best games ever created and I hope there will be another in the future. Should really be 5/5, for Bioshoc 1/2 but those glitches had me flustered, and infinite closer to 2/5 maybe 3/5.Overall the game is a great value, and definitely worth the buy. You should still play infinite, a lot of people did like it, and it is so very different, but you should buy for 1/2. Also play them in order. Things will make much more sense (as expected). Infinite could be played without playing 1/2, but you might not understand some references, so I would just play them in order.

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    BioShock: The Collection – Xbox One
    BioShock: The Collection – Xbox One Price: $19.99 (as of 08/05/2021 11:30 PST- Details)

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