MSI Optix G27C2 27 Inch 1ms 144Hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor with Adaptive AMD Free Sync and Wide LED Anti-Glare… Price: $335.96 (as of 09/05/2021 08:30 PST- Details)

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The curved advantage — This 27-inch 1800R curved MSI gaming monitor with Full HD (1920 x 1080p + 16: 9 aspect ratio) delivers immersive gameplay with MSI Gaming OSD for in-game assistance and on-screen customizations
And free sync — Adaptive free sync technology matches the refresh rate of your pc GPU to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering to deliver ultra-smooth, lag-free visuals. (note: Adaptive sync capabilities require a compatible AMD graphics card)

Tag: Price: $335.96 (as of 09/05/2021 08:30 PST- Details)

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Size:27-inch | Style:Optix G27C2

Bring your A-Game to any competition with the 27” Optix G27C2 curved gaming monitor that features Adaptive AMD FreeSync that matches your display refresh rate with any AMD GPU. The curved monitor experience surrounds you in your games and puts your peripherals in check. With the MSI Gaming OSD APP, play with more precision using in-game assistance and customizable settings such as PIP/PBP function, monitor configuration, gaming profiles, system settings, hotkeys, and joystick configuration. Narrow bezels create a frameless gaming environment for multi-monitor setups while FHD resolution provides great visual performance. Play on with immersive MSI gaming technology.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
The curved advantage — This 27-inch 1800R curved MSI gaming monitor with Full HD (1920 x 1080p + 16: 9 aspect ratio) delivers immersive gameplay with MSI Gaming OSD for in-game assistance and on-screen customizations
And free sync — Adaptive free sync technology matches the refresh rate of your pc GPU to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering to deliver ultra-smooth, lag-free visuals. (note: Adaptive sync capabilities require a compatible AMD graphics card)
Refresh rate — 144-hertz refresh rate delivers seamless, anti-ghosting action from frame-to-frame. Vesa mounting – Requires special MSI wall mount adaptor ( 75 x 75 millimeter, 100 x 100 millimeter) (sold separately)
Response time — 1ms response time AV led panel optimizes your experience for fast-reflex games such as first-person shooters, mmorpg, fighting, racing, real-time strategy, and sports
Wide-angle screen – 178° wide-angle anti-glare screen creates a comfortable viewing experience from any position
Frameless display — create seamless multi-monitor setups for your games and prevent harsh breaks between each display with ultra-narrow bezel
Wide color gamut — 110% srgb, 85% NTSC, and 20% more gamut coverage than standard gaming monitors for more vivid, realistic visuals at 250 cd / m2 brightness
Reduced eye strain — anti-flicker technology reduces display flicker rate and tandems with a blue light reduction to diminish eye-strain and overall fatigue
Port connections — 1x DisplayPort 1. 2, 1x HDMI 1. 4, 1x DVI, 1x audio combo jack. Connect gaming consoles with the featured HDMI port (Note: Cables not included)
Covered by a 1-year limited when registered online with the MSI using the product number below the barcode. (note: starts at the date of purchase)

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  1. Ian

    Great Budget 144hz Curved Monitor but Beware of Possible Dead Pixels

    UPDATE (11/18/2018): Knocking down a star because a month and a half after purchase, there is now one dead pixel on the left half of the screen. It’s just one pixel and not that noticeable unless that area of the screen is displaying black color, but still disappointed since I spent 200+ on this monitor. (Attached a picture of the dead pixel. Ignore the screen bleed; it only appears that way on my phone’s camera and not in real life)ORIGINAL REVIEW:After heavily weighing out all my options for a 144hz 1ms curved gaming monitor to connect to my gaming laptop and deciding to go for a 24 inch against my initial desire for a 27in monitor, I decided to pull the trigger on this one (MSI Optix MAG241C) and I am very happy with my choice. Some of the features that gravitated me towards this model was its improved colors compared to the similarly priced Optix G24c (DCI-P3 90% & sRGB 115% vs NTSC 85%, sRGB 110%), increased curvature from 1800 to 1500 (the smaller the number, the more curved), and smaller and sleeker looking bezels (“frameless design”), as well as the increased number of ports (2 hdmi ports, 1 displayport, 2 usb 2.0, and even an audio aux port if you want to connect your headphones or speakers to it). Stand and monitor is stable and won’t rattle when you bump into your desk. Also has a retractable headset hanger on the side if you want to utilize that.I’m no professional but the colors, contrast, and viewing angles look really good for a VA monitor and the screen quality is especially noticeable when compared side-by-side to my laptop’s washed out looking colors (MSI GP62 7RDX). I was also surprised at the fact that I do not notice any screen bleeding at all as I was worried about this due to reviews on other MSI monitors. Since I the monitor will be under 2 feet away from my face, the 24 inch is in my opinion the perfect size. I thought I had an issue initially with flickering pixels, but I felt stupid after researching it and finding that the fix was to simply tighten the connections of whatever display cable you’re using. To make use of the 144hz I had to get a mini-displayport to displayport cable because my laptop only has mini-displayport and it looks amazing, very noticeable difference from my previous 60hz monitor. Anyways, overall great quality monitor, good price, I recommend it.

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  2. Rydel

    Most amazing monitor ever laid eyes on

    This monitor is simply… Brilliant.. Here is an extremely in-depth review of this beloved monitor (yes it has cons)Pros:- Beautiful display, crystal clear.- Extremely accurate colors- Contrast is impeccable.- Build quality is very strong and sturdy (was worried because of the small bezels).- The frequency and response time is out of this world.Cons:- VESA mount 100 x 100mm is very misleading. The manufacturer provides virtually zero guidance. You need to go to their website and then unzip a file to get their PDF manual (which is ridiculous, they link you to this page with a QR code on their one page pamphlet of a manual included in the box, I had to get on my laptop and find it because of the zip file). The holes on the back of the monitor are placed in an extremely poor spot, it’s not true VESA if I need to get longer screws to fit a VESA mount on the back. The plate of my mount won’t sit inside the hexagon shaped bezel where the stand sits (you can see this displayed in the manual and the pictures I posted), I’m guessing only VESA mounts with the corners missing the edges can actually fit inside. Be very careful with which VESA mount you choose. If this wasn’t such a great monitor, I’d take a star for that.- 1 or 2 grayed pixels… It did have a one or two lightly grayed pixels in the top left corner, but due to the pixel density of the 1440p screen (roughly 113ppi) it’s hardly noticeable. It looked like a dirty spec on white screens like Web Pages, Word, and Excel but only for a second and while I noticed it, it was very easy to forget about (honestly forgot about it completely but remembered for the purpose of this review as I couldn’t think of any other cons). You can take my review with a grain of salt as my primary use is for gaming. I just do some programming for school and fun, didn’t bother me with that either.Other reviews of monitors said this is an extremely little amount for bad pixels and honestly better to just bite the bullet than fight it because the next monitor could have even more. I’m not sure if this is acceptable or not but MSI doesn’t have major promises. I’d still give this product 6 stars if I could.Other thoughts:- The anti-motion blur (“fastest” response setting) creates a lot of ghosting on Windows.. I didn’t notice any of it in the heat of a game though. In fact, the “Fastest” setting reduces brightness and creates more ghosting than “Fast” setting, so I typically just use Fast for everything. It is by far the best.- Eye-saver setting really ruins color (with good reason), but I could see it being great for productivity, I can’t stand the color but I noticed INSTANT eye strain relief when I switched to it for web browsing. It was the strangest sensation.- SteelSeries GameSense doesn’t really have any compatibility at the moment and I didn’t have the patience to try and create custom profiles as it allows for… I can’t even see the LEDs while I’m gaming at a ridiculous pace like CS:GO and Overwatch. But it is cool to look at when you happen to notice or walk in to see your whole rig, with the LED lights synced up with your chassis (there is no setting for this, I had to sync it manually).- Overwatch and CSGO (CS:GO) look SPECTACULAR. The frequency and resolution are amazing. I have a GeForce 1080 Ti, and it’s pushing over 300 FPS at my settings, and still accomplishing roughly 110 FPS on highest (epic) settings on Overwatch.- The Freesync can’t work with GeForce but if you push over 144 FPS, it’s not noticeable. I noticed a tiny bit of stutter when it dipped below 100fps at higher settings, but it was still much better than 60hz, and would be improved further with an AMD card with Freesync.- My gameplay vastly improved at both games with hitscanning and twitch/flick shots, and I credit it highly to the new monitor. The response times are just ridiculous. I had a 24” 1080p 144hz AOC monitor before and could never achieve the beautiful fluid motion I have got with this monitor, it’s unreal.10/10 would buy this monitor again, might even wait until it’s a better price for 3x displays.

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  3. mattmkett

    A gaming monitor I can afford!

    This review is for the 27in g27c2.I am actually impressed with this monitor. After setting it up and getting it plugged into my old gtx 1070, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there were no dead or stuck pixels! (Holy dirty crappers batman!) I really hate getting any monitor or tv’s with dead or stuck pixels! Really chaps my ass! Anyhow, the colors are comparable to the BenQ monitors, but no quite as rich or dark, however, the picture and colors are way better then the Asus monitors, or at least the one I own.It took me a couple days to get used to the curved screen, felt like my eyes were curving right along with screen. No worries, takes a little adjustment, no bleeding or headaches required.Another feature that got me excited was this monitor runs at 144hz at 1080p using a display port cable. There is no “well, it runs at 144 if you use lower resolutions”, no this one runs at 144hz at 1080p! (Assuming anyone was interested in knowing this.)The monitor comes with freesync for those of you with Ati video cards, those of us with nvidia cards are sol. The monitor does come with a stand, quite limited in the positions it can be adjusted. Your better off getting a viotek vesa mount adapter and using a desk mounted arm. (Did I mention I hate dead and or stuck pixels?)Anyhow, if your looking for a good gaming monitor that doesn’t cost $800 plus dollars, keep this one in mind. At least I can help by arming you with a bit of information on this particular monitor, not to mention the viotek vesa adapter that will work with these monitors. Happy gaming!

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  4. Mark

    VESA mount explanation

    I wanted to clear up any confusion on VESA mount compatibility and give my first impressions. The VESA mount is recessed into the back of the monitor. It is very likely that your VESA mount will not fit into this area. I have a VIVO dual monitor mount and it DID NOT fit into this recessed area. Thankfully I ordered a 100mm to 75mm VESA adapter suggested by a reviewer in a post on the MAG24C model. This worked like a charm. A quick note about uncovering the actual vesa mount. You’ll have to remove 6 screws to get to it. 2 hold the back plate in and 4 hold the stock monitor stand. Be careful as both the back plate and monitor arm have tabs that slide into the monitor housing. Don’t try to lift them straight out.My Monitor arms I used So far I really like the monitor. When browsing the web or using word, it’s pretty easy to see the curve. This isn’t bad and doesn’t detract from the overall experience. While watching movies or playing games, the screen appears flat. It feels very natural to look at. The 144hz refresh rate, if you’re wondering, is much smoother when compared to 60hz. Just know that your graphics card will have to push 144 frames per seconds on games to fully utilize this feature. Don’t forget to enable 144hz in the advance display settings. So far I like the colors on the monitor. They are very vibrant and seem true. The blacks are very black, which is probably a result of the greater contrast ratio from the VA panel. I get the sense that there’s quite a bit of light fall off around the edges, but it’s not noticeable during or distracting during normal tasks. I noticed it when I was check for dead pixels on a completely white background. Both of my monitors arrived in good condition (it was shipped from Florida to Hawaii), and both didn’t have any dead or stuck pixels.I think these monitors are a great value. If you’re not a perfectionist when it comes to monitor color, light fall off, etc. and want a solid 144hz monitor with a VA panel that doesn’t break the bank, get this!

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  5. M

    extremely surprised by this monitor… my last 144hz was trash (hp omen 25″)

    I’m coming from a 1440p 60hz monitor so adjusting back down to 1080p is going to take some time. But even with the lower resolution (which I can clearly tell, sadly) I’m very happy with this monitor. I currently don’t have a GPU that can push 1440p 144hz and I probably won’t for a while so I wanted to try a 1080p 144hz for the time-being. I only have a gtx 1060 and running dual monitors i can’t even push 144hz on most of the games I play.The last 144hz monitor I tried was the HP Omen 25″ ‘144hz’ monitor and it was an awful experience. The backlight bleed was horrendous.. the color was terrible.. the backlight was not uniform with the left, middle, and right side.. the only good thing about that monitor was the superb build quality. I just don’t understand how that monitor has good ratings. Maybe it’s just TN trash.. I don’t know.I’m not sure if I got super lucky or what but there are 0 dead pixels, 0 backlight bleed showing at all.. this is the first monitor I’ve ever owned out of 2~ dozen that is just completely black when on.. without any sort of bleeding light.The curve is definitely noticeable, but it doesn’t bother me.. and I think this is probably a huge personal preference where it might irritate some people. Luckily, I’m easily able to adapt.If MSI had a 1440p 144hz 24″ version of this monitor.. I think I would gift this, MAG24C, to a friend and buy that.. because personally I think 1440p on a 24″ is perfect… or 4k on a 27″+… I think 1080p is good on 22″ or lower.. 1080p quality just doesn’t look good on a 24″ in my eyes. That said, this monitor is really nice…. so I’m going to adjust.The only thing I need to test more/try and notice is ghosting. I mostly play games like overwatch, hearthstone, fortnite, dead by daylight (perfect monitor for this darkish game) and single player titles like the witcher/tomb raider.I might have to try the Optix MAG27CQ.. owning the MAG24C gives me a lot of confidence in this brand/model line-up.Edit: after using for a day, I have noticed that the brightness does shift depending on vertical and horizontal orientation. It’s not bad, but noticeable coming from IPS.Update 10/2/2018: removing 1 star because the vesa mounting should have had a better solution. MSI should have included adapters with this monitor to make the vesa mounting usable. (one thing I liked about the HP omen 25″ was they included a very nice vesa adapter) If vesa is deal-breaker for you I would STAY AWAY from this monitor. It might work for you, it might not… again.. monitors like this should 100% include a vesa adapter to help with mounting.UPDATE 11/26/2018: removing 1 star because I started to notice a buzzing sound during the night. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, but then I noticed that it corresponded to the BLUE LED on the front when the monitor was in ‘sleep mode.’ I tried to look in the OSD for an option to disable this light completely, but there isn’t an option for that. This is a pretty annoying buzz I have to deal with during the night (I could just turn the monitor off, but it’s 2018.. there should be an option to disable it in the settings). I really hope there is a firmware update that can resolve this issue. I still think this is a great 1080p 144hz display, but definitely some quirks one has to deal with (vesa is awkward and will not work with some vesa solutions. Buzz coming from blue LED with no option to disable/turn-off) The buzz is not noticeable during regular usage.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely amazing except…

    So far, about after 1 month of usage, i have to say that this is a very good monitor for the price you are paying. at the time, i purchased it at 212$ and for the price, it is amazing. it is indeed true 144hz which allows for amazing gameplay. the only issues ive had with this is that in the top right corner of the monitor, there was some white flickering and thought it was defective. However, after about 3 weeks, they disappeared. there was no more white flickering. but when the monitor was flickering, it was pretty noticeable and would’ve returned it if it never went away. besides that issue, 200$ for 144hz, curved gaming monitor, it is exactly what you would expect.

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  7. cbmw

    I’d avoid this monitor at all costs. Nothing but problems from Day 1.

    I’d honestly avoid this product at all costs. I’ve had more problems with using it than actual use. I’ll explain why.When I first used the monitor, it bricked the entire system, locking it up every few seconds when using the mouse. Took me too much time to find out the solution to this problem, which was to update my AMD Graphic Drivers, and that fixed the problem. After I update my drivers, it tells me to update it again to like 18.10 or something, and that update bricked the system AGAIN, So i had to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them for the computer to function correctly.After a bit of usage, another problem came along and made the refresh rate to a solid 60 even when the computer still shows 144hz, but when I use my mouses scroll wheel its a solid 144hz again.The only positive thing I have to give is the picture quality on this monitor. Its really really good for $200.Overall, spend your money on another gaming monitor; you’ll thank yourself later.

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  8. Kim W

    Good monitor with small imperfections

    I’ve been using this monitor for two months now. Mainly for university homework and gaming. The aesthetic of this monitor is great and it gives an advantage of smoother motion for gaming. I have already put at least 100 hours into Rocket League since I bought this monitor and I noticed a big improvement in reaction time because of how much more information 144hz provides.Pros:• Very cheap. $239.33 is super affordable when compared to any other curved high refresh rate monitor• 144hz is great for gaming• VA color vs any TN panel. It looks as good as my IPS panel, with some colors being more saturated. It does not appear more accurate, just more vivid.• Matte finish on screen. My glossy screen is hard to use when it’s bright out, but this is typically easy to see in bright conditions.• DisplayPort is a must these days because it is so much more powerful than DVI or HDMI.• Design is great. It has thin borders and a solid plastic piece on the bottom where the logo is and it matches my other monitor perfectly.• The joystick works well enough for menu navigation. The menu always pops up if I turn the monitor off by long pressing the joystick button.• The curve is hard to notice when using the monitor and harder to notice after using it for over a month.Cons:• Brightness! It is not a bright monitor when you have the response time settings turned up to Normal or Extreme. This is not an issue if you don’t mind the pixel blur. I don’t have issues with this because the stock brightness matches my Acer H236HL and this monitor’s response time is still better.• VESA Mount. The mounting option is pretty awful if you don’t have extra pieces of hardware lying around. The holes for the vesa mount are recessed and the screws that came with the monitor are not nearly long enough to get past the exterior casing and through a VESA mounting plate. I used 12mm spacers along with some extra long bolts (about 3cm but I think 2cm would have worked better) that didn’t quite fit but get the job done. (Images provided)• Stuck/dead pixels. I have 5 stuck subpixels that just display green (4) and blue (1) all the time. 4 are in a line on the left and one is on the other side. I also have two spots on the screen that have either dim pixels or just some display manufacturing issue. One spot is in the middle on the far left, and it looks like a large dust spot but can’t be wiped away, and the other is in the middle on the top edge. They aren’t too distracting but it always looks like something is on the screen and it’s visible in most program UI elements. (Images provided)• VA subpixel arrangement is strange and causes many things to look aliased. At first it is jarring, but over time you grow used to it. Text will look blurry right away, but your eyes can adapt rather quickly. Something about the VA panel also causes the pixels at the far edges to be hard to see. (Images provided)• Blue LED on bottom right corner. It’s annoying because it projected 10 feet across my room to the other wall. A small piece of electrical tape alleviated the issue, but I know other monitors (HP Omen specifically) will allow you to turn stuff like that off.It’s a great monitor for the price and even with the stuck green pixels I am enjoying using it every single day. Although I wish they weren’t there, they are only visible in dark scenes.

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  9. keiran

    MSI MPG27CQ: Great monitor but needs some calibration out of the box – see details and steps below

    So if you are looking for a good, shiny, 1440p 144hz monitor this could very well be the Benq XL2420TE of today. Those that don’t know that monitor just know this: in 2013 it was the king of gaming monitors and had great color for being a TN panel. Crazy I know but believe me it shocked many a PC gamer back then. For those who just want to know what to do to make this thing look beautiful, running at full speed and not have to spend money on a near useless calibrator, keep reading.1. First, go into your menus and under the gaming tab set the “Game Mode” (Carlin I hate that name for a mode) and select “User”.2. Go into the equally questionable menu called “Black tuner” and turn it down to 8.3. Change response time to “Fast”4. Turn on Zero Latency5. Next drop down a main tab to “Professional” (here its time to face palms and laughs at this horrid naming convention)6. Go to pro mode and also set this to “User”7. Ignore HDCR but we will come back to that in a minute8. Go to “Image Enhancement” and make sure that rubbish is turned off. (trust me its better for your safety this way)9. Go to the main menu “Image” and select that.10. Turn “Brightness” down to 5011. Turn “Contrast” to 50 (if it isnt already set)12. Turn “Sharpness” to 0 (good Carlin why do they have these settings)13. Set “Color Temperature” to “Normal”14. Crack open a beverage of choice and proclaim to the world that you are a god. I prefer the Norse gods myself.15. If you like what you see, then leave it as is and enjoy. If you want a bit more brightness in certain spots go back to the “Professional” *laughs shaking head* and turn on HDCR.This should fix the washed out color. If you are wondering why you have a little black crush its because setting the black tuner to 9 washes out most blacks to a point that would make the joker’s insanity look sane. Any higher and you’ll make the arch angel Tyrael need sun glasses.Sincerely,You’re Welcome.

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  10. WonderLoaf

    Wonderful monitor for the price!

    So for starters, this is a very nice entry to the gaming monitor world. Lets go over some pros and cons,PROS:~144hz + Grey to grey time is great. (When running blur busters, i had practically no ghosting.)~The panel itself is very nice for VA. The contrast + viewing angles are near IPS standard (very good, much better than my TN), and the blacks are pretty dark.~Being a 1ms monitor as well as a VA panel, This outperforms both IPS (slower) and TN (less vivid picture quality/ viewing angles) while staying within this price range.~The pannel is also freesync, so that is a plus as well for AMD users. (Being equipped with only nvidia gpu’s at the time, i am unable to give feedback on its performance.)CONS:~With a resolution of only 1920 x 1080, at 27″ the pixels are a bit more noticeable than a 24″, but definitely NOT a deal breaker. (keep reading for more info) This does make higher application antialiasing a little more important.~Not having a fully adjustable stand is a bit annoying. (Its TILT up and down is adjustable… but nothing else.)~Also not a VESA stand to fix the last issue. (it is not a bad stand, just not adjustable)~I have a little backlight light bleed on the panel i received. However it is pretty much unnoticeable in day to day use.Tips/ help:~The older generation of this model (g27c) had some issues with having the panel display blue artifacting. I can confirm as of now, this issue seems to have been fixed with the upgrade to the new g27c2. As well as a faster response time, Gen 2 is much better than its predecessor. (dont worry too much about reviews pertaining to the older model)~27″ 1920×1080 is not bad at all. (Unlike what some might say.) Unless you are sitting closer than 2 feet-ish, the PPI is not really that noticable.~A close competitor to this monitor would be the VIOTEK GN32C, while being close in appearance, You may think, “oh nice, this one is 5″ larger.” While this is true, In my experience, at 32″ 1080p, The PPI (pixels per inch) become much more noticeable. To simulate how this feels on your current monitor, open a game and drop the resolution down one or two options. (assuming you have a 20″- 24″ 1080p monitor) This might give you a better idea of what to expect at 32 in. (Not being 100% accurate) You can use higher antialiasing to counter some of the effect, but it only works so much to fix the jagged edges due to the pixels being more spaced apart.~A LOT of people say in their reviews that Grey to Grey time doesn’t matter at all. I disagree, while it is not a deal breaker, It does make a bit of difference. Blur trails or “ghosting” behind moving objects becomes slightly less noticable as the response time gets smaller. This is really only important for fast paced fps games.In conclusion, would I recommend this monitor to the every day user/ gamer? Yes, I definitely would! I find that it falls between great performance for gaming and quality for everyday use, without stressing your pc. (In comparison to the more intensive 1440p) I have very few bad things to say about the monitor. Most of which can be looked over with no problem at all. With this monitor being so new, I understand proper reviews are scarce. so I hope my review covers any questions you have. If not, post a question and ill try to help out as best as I can.

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    MSI Optix G27C2 27 Inch 1ms 144Hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor with Adaptive AMD Free Sync and Wide LED Anti-Glare…
    MSI Optix G27C2 27 Inch 1ms 144Hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor with Adaptive AMD Free Sync and Wide LED Anti-Glare… Price: $335.96 (as of 09/05/2021 08:30 PST- Details)

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