Xbox One 500GB Console – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle Price: $376.45 (as of 09/05/2021 05:30 PST- Details)

This bundle includes: 500GB hard drive Xbox One Console, full-game digital download of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, newly updated Xbox One black wireless controller with a 3.5mm headset jack so you can plug in any compatible headset, 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold, AC Power Cable, and an HDMI Cable.
Play five campaign chapters never released on console and experience competitive multiplayer in 60FPS with 19 maps and six game modes.
Quickly switch between your games, live TV, and apps like Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, and HBO GO.

Tag: Price: $376.45 (as of 09/05/2021 05:30 PST- Details)

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Own the Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle, featuring a full-game download of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the Superstar Cole multiplayer skin. Experience the original Gears of War rebuilt from the ground up in 1080p, including 60FPS competitive multiplayer with 19 maps and six game modes, and five campaign chapters never released on console. This is the first Gears at its best – a bundle for veterans of the series and newcomers alike.

This bundle includes 500GB hard drive Xbox One Console, full-game digital download of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, newly updated Xbox One black wireless controller with a 3.5mm headset jack so you can plug in any compatible headset, 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold, AC Power Cable, and an HDMI Cable.
Play five campaign chapters never released on console and experience competitive multiplayer in 60FPS with 19 maps and six game modes.
Quickly switch between your games, live TV, and apps like Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, and HBO GO.
Play select Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One with backward compatibility.
Stream your Xbox One games to any Windows 10 PC in your home.

10 reviews for Xbox One 500GB Console – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle

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  1. Brian W.

    Good Buy.

    To be honest and upfront. I’m a casual gamer in my early fifties and work in the IT field. I’ve had consoles starting with Atari as well as the PS2. The reason for purchasing this console was the new release of Hitman doesn’t work with my current xbox 360. Since I’m not into online gaming I never set my xbox 360 up to the internet. But times are changing. Seems the xbox one is all about connectivity to everything. Not at all a bad thing. Setup was fairly easy from a technology standpoint. Instructions that come in the box are fairly weak. If your not good with setting up electronics or computers you might need some help. It woud also do you good to have a Microsoft account. Once I had everything setup I was able to download my prepurchase of hitman. This took around 40 minutes. Time to download a game will vary depending on your internet speed. I had other things to keep me occupied while this was happening so no big deal. Out of the box there will be updates that will need to be downloaded to the console as well. A pain, kinda. But we are all familiar with computer updates. So live with it. If your not a patient person and want it now, you might be disspointed. I bought the 500GB console. Games played now have to be stored on the console so the more games you play the more storage space your going to need . Good thing is you can purchase an external hard drive and attache it to the console. I don’t think that was possible with the earlier xbox 360.I don’t play lots of games so I don’t think the 500Gb drive will be a problem but it’s good to know I’m not restricted if I want to save more games in the future. The other things I like about the xbox one is since I’m a amazon prime member I’m able to access my account through the amazon app on the console. This gives me access to watch movies. Pretty cool. There are also a lot of other apps like Hulu, Netflix and so on. Like I mentioned. internet connectivity is not a bad thing. So overall I’m satisfied with the purchase. Just keep in mind my life isn’t this device. My expectations are modest. it does what I want and more.Your expectations might be greater than mine. Do your research. Make sure this does what you want. Last thing as a prime member I ordered it on a Friday afternoon and it was promptly delivered on Sunday. Gotta love it.

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  2. DC

    Meh, It’s OK

    OK. I was very excited to get this console when I ordered it. I was replacing my old XBox 360 with it. But when I got it and played with it, I wasn’t as impressed. Here’s pros and cons:PROS:- Supports my favorite games: Doom, GOW, Halo.- Has a built in wi-fi, which 360 did not. Drove me nuts!!!!- Allows to download games (which also comes as a con.) It’s good, because you may get a game and download it overnight. No need to wait for a physical disc to arrive in the mail. Make sure though to start the download way before you plan on playing it!- So far I haven’t seen any Red Rings of Death, that my 360 was plagued by. I’m happy!- Runs quieter than 360, although not silently as they originally promised.CONS:- Microsoft really don’t get enough of your money. So they also want you to sign up for the monthly Gold Membership to really use this console. I mean you can still use it without it, but you won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest. For instance, they were touting this “cool” feature that allows you to record a game play. Cool, I thought. I tried. Sure enough it recorded me playing Doom. I had several cool videos of me smashing demonic possession monsters to show off for my friends but then when I tried to send it to my PC or somehow get those video clips out of the Xbox it told me to download their app, which refused to work without the Gold membership. So as a result I got a ton of recorded gameplay but no way to export it. Great! F’ you, Microsoft!- Really confusing UI. I mean, nuts to the wall f’ing confusing. Looks like Windows 10 start menu that everyone disables. You have to scroll through those square pictures to get to the stuff that you really need. And most of it is not customizable. There’s no way to rip it out, as I wouldn’t use 90% of those things.- On top of that the UI constantly changes. I don’t know how the heck this happens but every time I log in there’s something new to it. IDK. Pisses me off.- It has to be plugged in all the time. And if you unplug it, it will be downloading updates for half an hour when you turn it back on. Seriously!- I was expecting games to look “oh so much better” than on Xbox 360. Well, they kinda do, but just a little bit. Maybe 10% better. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tell a noticeable difference.- Game downloads take FOREVER! I have a fast broadband, can watch Netflix, no problem. But every game I get wants to download GBs! of updates. Seriously! You get a game in the mail, you’re excited, you want to play it. You plop it into the Xbox and instead get a message. “Sorry, need to download 5GB of updates.” WTF, Microsoft! Can you let off on those updates!- And lastly, why does it not support 4K? Not even full HD in some games. Seriously! That is lame, Microsoft! (Obviously no mentioning of a VR support like PS does now.)

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  3. Kerri Linder

    Good But PS4 is Better In My Opinion

    So much fun comes through this. I love playing lots of Call of Duty and some other games on this, and it is great. Four stars because I’m not a big fan of the home page layout. I like the old layout better. Also, every Call of Duty thing now comes out 30 days early on PS4 and I don’t like waiting on Xbox. Good console though. I also like the PS4 controller better because of the placement of the joysticks.

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  4. TheStreetDoc

    Great deal on an XBOX One…

    XBOX One is a good sytem. Not as goid as PS4 but still a very repectable system . 500GB system with controller and downloadable edition of Gears of War for about $300. Solid deal on a solid system.

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  5. David Pitkins

    It’s a great machine with very few problems

    I’m not going to get into this versus the PS4 or a PC. This machine does exactly what I like, and it is perfect for me and my daughter. I purchased a Kinect for it later on and we use it for the dance games which is a lot of fun. The apps are good and the gameplay is fine for someone who isn’t a hardcore gamer. The snap window on the side is great for watching sports while playing a game on the larger 3/4 of the screen. A solid machine that I’m happy to have purchased. The only negative is the installing of a game before it plays, which takes away the ability to buy and play, which isn’t something I do too often, so I didn’t hold it against the rating.

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  6. Josh Pan

    Could be better

    So I got the gears of war bundle and to be honest I am kind of disappointed. I wish this came with a custom controller, or at least a physical disc or something along those lines. But based on the console, there’s nothing interesting. I’ve had this for a short time now, and all I’ve seen are insanely slow installs and downloads. It says ready To play, but all I get to see is the opening cinematic. Not to mention the download is at 1% every hour! That is outrageous and at 50% you should be able to access the campaign a little bit at least. The graphics are good and it looks smooth enough, despite having barely played a single game( not th mention you have to install discs too)

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  7. Ethan_fox

    It’s good.

    It is what it is. It had some red crud on it which I was upset about, but it was a gift for a buddy and he didn’t mind, so it’s okay.

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  8. Bato

    Excellent product? If you’re lucky.

    Just had this for over one year and the disc drive fails to read any discs. Only used by me and discs only changed out a few times a month, tops. Serious flaw. The same problem reported by many purchasers online. Microsoft charges over $100 dollars and two weeks for repair of a component which is obviously flawed. Really got their back for honoring fixes for multiple “red circle of death” issues with Xbox 360 and how that was handled, but they really dropped the ball on the Xbox One and their faulty disc drive. I’m all with downloadable games, but what do I do with a game I just spent $60+ for that no longer works because of the disc drive failure? What about being able to use the Xbox One as a Blu-ray player? I feel I have been sold a false bill of goods, but I guess Microsoft can not hurt their multiple billion dollar bottom line to fix a known issue. I am sure it took courage for the management there to accept that the Xbox One no longer needs a functioning disc drive. You might luck out and not have this issue, but buyer beware.

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  9. MWM

    Buying guide for Xbox One bundles

    I wanted to create a guide to help those interested in purchasing an Xbox One, since there are so many bundles, and offers change constantly. I’ll attempt to keep this up to date as the bundles change. This is NOT a comparison to Playstation 4 or Wii U.A short list of features that may interest you, shared by all Xbox Ones (more details can be found in product descriptions and Microsoft sites) -HDMI pass through. You can hook up an HDMI device to the back of an Xbox One to view the content from that device without changing inputs or leaving the X1 interface. This allows for split screen viewing and if a cable box or the official TV tuner, you can view the channel guide, watch TV, and set recordings.It is backwards compatible with some Xbox 360 games. This is great for those with backlogs (like me…) or those who want to revisit finished games without having another console plugged into the wall/TV. In the fall, owners of publisher approved disc or digital 360 games will be able to play them emulated on the X1. Some X1 games also include their 360 precursors with purchase for play on the X1 in case you missed them. Rainbow Six Siege includes both R6 Vegas Xbox 360 games, for example. List of games and other info here -[…]It will stream content to Windows 10 devices.Xbox Live Gold now applies to households instead of individuals; meaning that multiple accounts on the same console can have access to the same features but have differing account restrictions (I.E. parental controls). So you can let your kids play Garden Warfare online, but not Gears of War.External USB 3.0 storage. This is great because, 1) you don’t need to open the console and replace a hard disc to add storage, just plug in and the X1 will format the drive, 2) even disc-based games have compulsory installs and can be upwards of 50GB each, eating storage space quickly, 3) external drives can be spacious and cheap, and last but not least, 4) USB 3.0 is actually faster than the internal hard disc interface. This means that a game on an external drive will load faster than one on the internal drive, usually by a significant amount.The bundles-The current bundles include a newer controller that has a standard 3.5mm audio jack built in and output both game and chat audio through it. Legacy consoles shouldn’t be expected to be widely available at the suggested price (and some I haven’t included, due to their rarity at this point). You may have better luck at other outlets finding the legacy consoles (Microsoft Store, Dell, various brick-and-mortar stores). There are no functional differences. All bundles include a controller, HDMI cable, chat headset (with exceptions), and a 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial membership (paid $60/year service to play online and download the Games with Gold, a monthly rotation of full games you’re free to download and keep (forever for 360 games and as long as you have Live Gold in active subscription for X1 games).Current bundles (with rating based on what you get for the money. Star and letter ratings are intended for the suggested price listed next to the bundle, not whatever current prices are.) -Amazon is presently offering a $30 gift card with all bundles, so be sure to select that product version (Microsoft Store is offering additional games and $75 gift card, FYI).Rainbow Six Siege 1TB bundle. $399. Includes console, new controller, disc version of the title game and downloads of the Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360 games, with a chat headset. A new class-based multiplayer shooter with the excellent tactical precursor campaigns. A good bundle. A- rating.Name your Game 500GB bundle. $349. Includes the console, new controller, a download of one of Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War Ultimate, or Rare Replay, and no chat headset. The choice of games is nice and the selections are high-quality, but 500GB will fill very quickly at this point, and without a headset or bonus games, this is one of the lesser value bundles. B- rating.Xbox One Elite 1TB bundle. $499. Includes a console with a 1TB hybrid SSD and hard disc for quicker load times for the items you access the most and the Elite controller, which has replaceable/customizable sticks, buttons, and triggers for the professionals or tinkerers, and DOES include a chat headset with a matching black and silver color scheme. While the internal storage on this will be better than the standard HDDs in other X1s, the performance increase PROBABLY won’t match external USB3.0 drives, due to the continued use of the SATA interface. There’s little information about the size of the SSD partition and many hybrid drives don’t allow you to choose what content is on which partition. The elite controller has been released to wide acclaim (modifiable professional controllers can easily go for twice as much), but is scarce on its own at present. If you want the best/most storage and best controller out of the box, this is the bundle for you, but you won’t get any games with it. B+ rating. Please note that the bundle with two controllers does not include a second Elite controller, but a regular wireless one.Kinect 500GB Bundle – $399. Includes 500GB console, the Kinect camera, a chat headset, controller, and three Kinect-focused game downloads: Dance Central Spotlight, Kinect Sports Rivals and Zoo Tycoon. Finally another Kinect bundle! The X1 UI is made better and more easily navigable with the Kinect, and there are fun, energetic games to be played with it. A rating. Great for those who want to move and enjoy motion and voice controls, but it has little storage. Bundle with FIFA on separate page is even better for the same price.Holiday 1TB Bundle – $399. Includes 1TB console, Gears of War Ultimate Edition disc (as well as all 360 Gears games as downloads if you play online before the end of the year), Rare Replay disc, and Ori and the Blind Forest game download, the new controller, and doesn’t appear to include a headset. A rating. Something(s) for everyone in this bundle, with 36 games included.Halo 5 Limited Edition 1TB bundle. $499. Includes custom console with Halo sounds, and custom controller, with the Halo 5 Limited Edition (steelcase, guardian figure, game download and add-on content). Why a limited edition would come without a physical game is beyond me… It may not bother some, but it will upset many. This is a higher premium than the Forza 6 bundle (charging an extra $100 for an extra $40 package). For Halo aficionados/console collectors only. C rating. Bundle with Forza Horizon 2 on separate page is a B rating.Gears of War 500GB bundle (also in white). $349. Includes Gears of War Ultimate Edition download. This 500GB model includes the new controller, but does not include a headset. B- rating. This is the most discounted bundle in sales and has many other offers with it, if you can catch them.Legacy bundles-Fallout 4 1TB bundle – $399. Includes 1TB console, Fallout 4 game confirmed to be a disc (!), a download of the Xbox 360 version of Fallout 3, and a chat headset. B+ rating. Two open-world RPGs for grownups.Rise of the Tomb Raider 1TB bundle – $399. Includes 1TB console, downloads of Rise of the Tomb Raider, DLC, and its predecessor, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and doesn’t appear to include a headset. Releases November 3rd. B+ rating. The Tomb Raider reboot from 2013 was pretty good and I expect the sequel is even better, but I haven’t tried it yet. Great for adults who love action adventure.Lego Movie 500GB bundle – $349. Includes 500GB console and the Lego Movie Videogame and no headset, apparently. C+ rating. Game is a cheap one and good for kids, but little value in this bundle compared to others.FIFA and Madden 16 1TB bundles. $399. (I think these are being phased/sold out) I’m grouping these together because other than the type of football you prefer, they are the same. Both include either the latest Madden NFL or FIFA soccer game download and a year of EA access, a paid ($30/yr) service which allows Xbox One users early access to EA releases, extended demos with progress that can be saved if a full game is purchased, discounts on EA games, and free access to the Vault, currently 14 full games. Great if you like EA’s games. A- for each.Forza 6 1TB Bundle. $399. Custom Forza-inspired console with racing sounds and custom (new, with 3.5mm audio jack) controller, and download code for Forza 6 and extra content, and a chat headset. A- rating, though some may not like the custom design and sounds.Hope you found this useful.

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  10. Jens S.

    I play PC but I love consoles

    I’ve been on PC for a while, but don’t mistake me for one of “them” I really love consoles and their simplicity. I bought an Xbox to play with high school friends and I had a blast. I bought games I already owned on PC and ended up having more hours on Xbox. I don’t care about how many FPS it gets or whatever, it was awesome. The backwards compatibily allowed me to play those old cods like WaW or BO1 I used to play years ago and that was a really nice touch. Then fan started rattling on me so I sent it into repair and now it’s good. Now we’re all playing WoW so it became my Netflix machine and I use to play old cods or AC unity here and there.

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    Xbox One 500GB Console – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle
    Xbox One 500GB Console – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle Price: $376.45 (as of 09/05/2021 05:30 PST- Details)

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