SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse – 12,000 CPI TrueMove3Plus Dual Optical Sensor – 0.5 Lift-off Distance – Weight… Price: $72.99 (as of 08/05/2021 11:30 PST- Details)

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Exclusive true move 3 12,000 cpi, 350 ips optical 1 to 1 tracking esports sensor
The world’s lowest and most accurate lift off distance; Cable length 2 meter / 6.5 foot

Tag: Price: $72.99 (as of 08/05/2021 11:30 PST- Details)

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Style:Wired | Size:Rival 600

The rival 600 introduces gamers to the world’s most advanced dual sensor system, truemove3+. The truemove3 optical sensor delivers true 1 to 1 tracking, while a dedicated optical depth sensor achieves gaming’s lowest and most accurate lift-off distance detection. The rival 600 features an exclusive custom center of gravity tuning system with 256 weight configurations and a customizable range from 96g to 128g, ensuring the perfect weight and balance for everyone. Low latency performance is delivered by the powerful 32-bit arm processor and 60 million click mechanical switches and durable silicone side grips guarantee lifelong durability. The rival 600 was engineered for professional esports athletes and a must-have for competitive gaming.


sensor system

sensor system: Steel series truemove3+ dual sensor system

primary sensor: True move 3 optical gaming sensor

secondary sensor: Depth sensing linear optical detection

cpi: 100–12000 in 100 cpi increments

ips: 350+, on steel series Qck surfaces

acceleration: 50g

hardware acceleration: None (zero hardware acceleration)

lift-off distance: Customizable, 0.5–2 mm


Top material: Black soft touch

core construction: Fiber-reinforced plastic

Shape: Ergonomic, right-handed

grip style: Universal

number of buttons: 7

switch type: Steel series switch, rated for 60 million clicks

illumination: 8 rgb zones, independently controlled

weight: 96 g / 3.3 ounces without cable. Customizable up to 128 g / 4.5 ounces

length: 131 mm / 5.2 inches

width: 62 mm (front), 62 mm (middle), 69 mm (back)/ 2.4 inches (front), 2.4 inches (middle), 2.7 inches (back)

height: 27 mm (front), 43 mm (back)/ 1.1 inches (front), 1.7 inches (back)

cable type: Detachable, soft rubber

cable length: 2 m / 6.5 ft.


os: Windows, Mac, and Linux. USB port required

software: Steel series engine 3.11.10, for windows (7 or newer) and mac osx (10.8 or newer).

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
Exclusive true move 3 12,000 cpi, 350 ips optical 1 to 1 tracking esports sensor
The world’s lowest and most accurate lift-off distance; Cable length 2 meters / 6.5 foot
256 center of gravity weight tuning configurations; Lift off distance: Customizable, 0.5 millimeters, 2 millimeter
Split trigger 60 million click mechanical switches
Revolutionary silicone side grips for increased grip and durability
Premium magnetic wrist rest – Provides full palm support and comfort

10 reviews for SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse – 12,000 CPI TrueMove3Plus Dual Optical Sensor – 0.5 Lift-off Distance – Weight…

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  1. SteelSeries

    Rival 600 vs 310

    This is my journey as a CSGO player with 19cm by 10.5cm hands.I came from using the Logitech G403 for over a year. I liked everything about the G403, especially the feel of the clicks and its light weight. However, over time, I noticed I kept placing my ring finger slightly on the top right edge of the right button. I was most proficient gripping the mouse in a two-finger fingertip-palm hybrid, but after extended gaming sessions, I often would give my hand relief by placing all three of my fingers on top of the mouse, using my middle finger for the scroll wheel and my ring finger for the right button. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the front of the mouse was too wide for meAs much as I liked G403’s technical performance, I decided I needed to find a more comfortable mouse. After a lot of research, I decided to try the Rival 310 specifically because of its narrower front dimensions. Overall, I was probably 95% satisfied with the Rival 310. Given its overall comfort and narrower front end, I noticed I did aim better with it than the G403. However, after a couple of weeks of use, I came to three conclusions. First, although I liked the shape, it was difficult dealing with its drastic variation in dimensions depending on just where each finger rested on the mouse; I had to be thoughtful and careful when holding the mouse in order to feel consistent. Second, I felt like its top buttons were a tad too resistant, leading my fingers to feel sore after a normal night of gaming. Third, its idiosyncratic shape, with the hump further back, felt great for claw or palm grip, but didn’t feel as good for my fingertip-palm hybrid compared to mice with the hump in the more conventional center area of the mouse.I hesitated quite a bit with the Rival 600. Its slightly heavier overall weight, RGB ridiculousness, pointless removable cable, needless weight system, and superfluous second sensor for liftoff distance (which Razer and Logitech mice have been able to tune with *gasp* just a single sensor for LITERALLY years, which decades in mouse-years) all turned me off. I probably placed an order and cancelled it 20 times before I finally pulled the trigger.Well, I am very happy I did. Immediately noticeable is that the plastic and silicone both have a silky, premium feel. The feel of the top clicks greatly exceeded my expectations as well; they feel almost equal to that of the G403. Most importantly, the mouse shape is exactly what I was looking for. While the 600 and the 310 are both Rival mice, the 600 is a new revision of the shape. The hump is more forward compared to the 310, and the mouse buttons rest slightly higher and flatter compared to the 310’s extreme downward top slope. This all came together to mean a much more comfortable shape for my grip. It really fits my hand like a glove, and I’m very happy with it. With some tuning, lift off distance is better than the 310 but not better or worse than the G403, which one could also tune. The only relative weakness of the 600 compared to the 310 is that the side buttons are smaller and slightly less user friendly.Hope this comparison was helpful!—————EDIT (3/25/2018): Having tried this out for just under a month, I’ve decided to exchange it for another mouse. There are three reasons for this:1. I have large hands, and my most comfortable grip position makes my thumb rest on the non-standard furthest mouse button. Yet, I keep wanting to keep my thumb on the smooth silicone part just behind it even though bending my thumb back like that isn’t as comfortable. This discomfort, though minor, is present every day, every time I use the mouse.2. The silicone material on both sides and on the primary top mouse buttons feels super premium and smooth. However, I think they also trap more heat. My hands get SUPER SWEATY when gaming with this mouse. The silver lining here is that there appears to never be any grime build-up on this mouse. However, this heat issue is a deal breaker for me.3. The right and left sides of the mouse, due to the silicone, is super smooth, but both sides are tapered upwards, resulting in a slippery, difficult time whenever I try to lift the mouse. I have to pinch it harder than I’d like to, and over a session of gaming, my hands get really tired. This is further is exacerbated by reason 2.I recently had to fix some stuff on my wife’s computer, to which I had hooked up my Deathadder more than a year ago. Griping that mouse again felt sublime and reminded me of my 20s gaming with that mouse and, besides the double-click button issue that plagued the first couple generations of Deathadders, I had always felt that Deathadder shape was super comfortable. This is also when I knew the Rival 600 and I weren’t working out as I had hoped.My gaming mouse journey enters the next chapter. From Deathadder 3G (button issue) -> whole bunch of mice -> G403 -> Rival 310 -> Rival 600 -> Deathadder Elite.If Steelseries every makes a lighter, more straight forward version of the Rival 600 without the unnecessary third mouse button, removable sides, extra weight system, etc. I’d go to that in a heartbeat.

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  2. Karen

    Amazing mouse. 6 thumb buttons that are easy to use!

    After my used to be favorite mouse Logitech G700s started to die I tried several mice and after reading a review about this steelseries rival 500 mouse from a fellow IT Pro I tried it out also and it is Amazing! the 6 thumb buttons are easy to use and ergonomic, this mouse hands down has the best button design and layout over any mouse out there! It is classified as a mmo mouse but the mouse is great for fps games too! the bottom 2 buttons are super easy and quick to use they are raised and stick out you push down to use them, this is great for fast access controls like melee heal, gernade…etc the other buttons are easy to use and reach also. the mouse design and layout is extremely well thought out! I think this mouse should be rated for any game not just mmo’s just because it has 13 buttons doesn’t mean it is automatically a mmo mouse. most mmo mice with this many buttons are clunky slow to move harder to handle when quick precise movements are needed etc.. this thing tracks fast is comfortable, easy to move around it is quick and precise easy to lift off etc. and with all of these easy to use buttons games like Rust which is a fps survival game those extra buttons come in handy. Software: The software works well took a min to figure it out but it is easy. I was able to create a auto run key by setting a key to toggle hold this helped my wrist pain in game. My only complaint is the software only has 2 dpi settings, you can remedy this by setting up your buttons and copying the profile making a new profile the same as this one but change 1 button to goto the next profile profile1, press button load profile 2 ..etc just copy your profile to the new profile which keeps the button mapping’s the same and simply change the dpi settings, I have 4 profiles set so I can have 4 different dpi settings it works flawless, and this brings us to the hepatic feedback “vibrating mouse” In game It was hard to tell which dpi setting I was at in the cycle so I looked in the software and set a different vibration for each profile this way when I press the button to switch dpi I can tell which setting it is on by how it vibrates! you can also change light color’s on button press in the same way. Buy this mouse give it a try you will most likely keep it! I love it better than my g700s that it replaced! There is not a mouse out there that gives so many easy to use buttons that works good for any game!

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  3. TIpping Toast

    weeks later, glue on my hands, grips falling off

    worse mouse i have had. started off ok, but weeks later, the glue started oozing on my thumb and the grips were falling off. stay away from this mouse!

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  4. Chris

    Perfect size and great feel; Rubber adhesive is defective; Steelseries support is industry worst

    The mouse is probably my favorite mouse I’ve used out of several Razer, Corsair, and Logitech mice (honorable mention to the Corsair M65). The only problem is the smooth rubber on the sides has weak adhesive (came off two Rival 600’s in less than 6 months after purchase). Now the side pieces of the mouse come out to put weights in, so theoretically Steelseries could just send a replacement part, but they don’t have replacement parts so you have to send it to them first.The reason for 2 stars is because quality control issues with mice are not new for Steelseries, but more importantly, their support is probably the worst in the industry. Who cares if logitech mice seem to break often when their support will promptly send you a replacement. I’ve spent two weeks opening up several RMA requests with Steelseries, and the end result is I was given a coupon to the Steelseries store for $60 (yes the mouse is $80 on their store), and I have not received a reply back as to why the coupon wasn’t for the replacement cost of the mouse. At this point in time I’m not certain I will end up with a replacement mouse without having to downgrade or pay out of pocket. Big mistake sending it into their support!I recommend everyone utilize their credit card warranties for all Steelseries products so you can skip their support all together. GREAT PRODUCT, WORST SUPPORT IN THE INDUSTRY.I’m happy to provide a copy of the correspondence to Steelseries if they’re actually concerned about their customers.

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  5. marcus

    Cheaply Designed and Poorly Engineered Mouse

    The SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming MouseI had high hopes for this mouse and I’m not sure why I didn’t write this review sooner!Pros: The SteelSeries Rival 600 has great optical sensors and I love the color customization.The side buttons are super useful and comfortable to use.Cons: The mouse randomly stops working.The glue that hold the rubber grips to the side gets warm and soft and starts oozing out of the side making the rubber grips fall off.The mouse wheel makes a weird grinding noise after just a few rotations. It sounds like plastic is grinding against plastic.If you are looking to buy this mouse I advise you look at the Razer Deathadder Chroma first!

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  6. Just a user

    Amazing mouse but makes a mess

    Brand new this mouse is amazing. Only complaint was no braided cable.After a couple months I noticed some sticky stuff by the side buttons and thought it was just soda or some other nasty stuff. Then a week or so later the whole left rubber grip slid off during gaming. Had to take off the grip and clean the glue but now the body is a shiny smooth material and slightly dented in (grip was supposed to fill). A week or so later, the front right grip just slipped off without any warning.Customer service was quick and nice. I asked about buying new feet (I messed these up cleaning them) and grips. Unfortunately they did not have any to send me until a month later so they offered to start RMA. The process would leave me mouseless so I declined.I think mouses at this price range need to hit at least the 1 year mark with 0 problems. I bought this in March 2018 and problems started in August/September. Also, there should be replacement parts by now BUT even with a kit should I have to deal with gluing parts onto my mouse? Unless they start sending out replacement side weight covers this mouse will need to be RMA every time the grips come off since this changes the whole feel of the mouse.Mouse New – AmazingMouse if you’re having the grip glue problems – JunkCust Serv – Responsive and quick, all good here1 Star Rating – Problems within 1 year for a high end mouse is horrible and such a weird one at that.

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  7. Z. Marshall

    The Holy Grail of MMO mouses.

    I recently started playing World of Warcraft again after years away, and I’d been struggling to find a decent gaming mouse solely for the purpose of playing on easy mode. I first picked up a SteelSeries Rival 110, but found I actually wanted more buttons. I replaced that with a Razer Naga Trinity, but during setup discovered that you can’t actually keymap any of the top buttons – only the ones on the side. I moved on to a Logistics G600, but could never get the side buttons working in game after mapping them. Logistics really dropped the ball and took almost 2 weeks to follow up on a support ticket, after I had already returned the mouse. The SteelSeries Rival 500 is the best of what I have tried, and I don’t see myself having to replace it any time soon.Pros:* Easy setup. There are default numeric keybinds, so don’t even have to customize if you have everything numbered.* The software has a built-in macro editor.* Responsive with every movement and click. I haven’t experienced any double clicks or missed clicks after a few weeks of use.* The flared out curved side/bottom buttons are actually really nice to use. I thought I’d hate them.* Feels great in my giant hand.Cons:* I almost wish it had maybe 2 more buttons. YMMV, I could just be a really inefficient player.* A little sensitive with liftoff, but not too terrible.* Maybe I’m missing something, but the software’s macro editor makes me want to just make macros in-game and then keybind them. I’ll have to play around with it more.Neutral:*I have large hands, so this is great for people with large hands, but maybe not so great for people with smaller hands. Take a chance and judge for yourself.

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  8. SteelSeries

    Rival 600 is the most fantastic mouse I have ever put my oversized hands on

    Rival 600 is the most fantastic mouse I have ever put my oversized hands on. It immediately felt great and it just molded to my hand so well. The sensors felt very snappy. And my aim is 10x more precise than with any corsair and razer mouse I’ve used. The rgb looks nice. The software wasn’t difficult to navigate for me and hasn’t seemed bloated or made computer sluggish. It’s a near perfect mouse in every way and has immediately made me better at the games I love. The R+L clicks on the front are a separate piece of plastic from the body, meaning your fingers resting will be less likely to accidentally hold the buttons down. (had this problem with corsair glaive and m65.) scroll wheel is easiest scroll wheel click I’ve felt. The list just goes on. As long as the mouse lasts a long time, it’s the best. Time will tell, but right now I’m gushing about it every day. Screaming my love for this mouse from the rooftops.ConsNo braided cable, it’s rubber and it sticks. (the cable detaches and you can connect braided micro USB, I’ve done it.)Side buttons took a little getting used to over the corsair glaive.The finish feels slippery but has not proven to be a problem in game.

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  9. TechBoomer

    Not good for small hands

    I really wanted to like this. But I returned it.The thing that bothered me the most are the following:1) Given I have small hands, reaching for the buttons towards the front of mouse was difficult. It forced me to shift my palm upwards and caused lack of control.2) The buttons on the bottom were really a nuisance playing FPS games. I would often times hit these buttons by accident from way too much hand shifting. I really wanted to use these buttons and enabled them. But because of the hand position changes, I could never avoid it.3) The back button is way too large. This could have been divided into two separate buttons.

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  10. SteelSeries

    Finally real INNOVATION in the mouse input sector. Gaming with this is a dream come true.

    I’ve been searching for a mouse for over a decade to replace how I felt about my Logitech MX 1000 and this seems to be it. SteelSeries hasn’t always struck me as high end in the past. I’ve had several items from them and they always left me with the “it’s OK” feeling but never blown away. I’m an avid gamer as well as an IT pro so I go through a lot of mice, keyboards and other devices. I’ve also got a real thing for human input devices, always looking for something that is new and innovative.This mouse really takes the cake in the above mind set. The mouse its self feels sturdy, well built and the buttons are well laid out and solid. I’ve been gaming with this device for a month now and I’m not able to see any difference between when I first un-boxed it and now. Buttons are stiff and almost never get accidentally pressed, even the bottom thumb flick buttons. The light from the LEDs is nice and not dim or overly bright and of course you can adjust this to your liking.The SteelSeries mouse driver / engine for programming is nice but could be laid out a bit better. It took me a bit of time to find out what they were meaning by some of the names of the functions or the button names, but once you get it, you’re good to go. It by no means is difficult, just different. I do wish that the software wouldn’t open multiple small windows, it would be nice to have all the functions contained in the one window only because windows can easily become lost behind whatever else you’re working on but you just need to be aware of this and it won’t be an issue.Now onto the real reason why I bought this mouse. 13 programmable buttons (14 & 15 are right and left click so unless you’re not going to right and left click, the real number is 13) and a VERY innovative layout. The two bottom thumb buttons have quickly become my go to attack buttons / high use buttons and the whole thumb button layout / area is amazing. You get a total of 6 buttons at your thumb and they are so well laid out that you quickly become in-tune with the mouse and where things are at. You get 2 buttons on your index finger next to the left click, one button at your right click finger and a VERY sturdy tilt scroll wheel mouse with a down click as well.The index finger buttons are VERY stiff and you will never accidentally hit them. This can be a good and bad thing, but overall I find the placement and stiff click nice. Same goes for the right click side single button. You can easily be pressing and holding down on your right click button and roll your finger over and press the custom button on that side and never lose your right click hold. Super bonus.The scroll wheel tilt and press is one of the best in the industry right now. Many companies are using a very lose or easy to use tilt / press and this can cause mis-clicking, however with this dream of a mouse, the tilt wheel is nice and tight, you can easily have a high use command on all three sides of the scroll and know that what you intended to click / use will be what happens.At the time of getting this mouse, I’ve been using a Razer Naga, Razer Naga HEX (also a great mouse), a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum and a Corsair Scimitar (I told you I have an addiction). I bring this up because I feel that I’ve had all of the current “top tier” mice in my hands from the past few years and this mouse is just second to none.The lighting ques for the illumination may not be as sophisticated as the Razer or Logitech, the macro recording and driver programming might not be as beautiful as them either but the hardware, buttons and device make up for this. I feel that the companies have been depending on their flashy software and “cool looks” for too long and haven’t really thought about real innovation. The SteelSeries Rival 500 is this in spades.Lift off and quick turns / reactions in my FPS games are on par with the other mice in the field, the driver is super easy on PC resources and has yet to crash or have any issues on my custom built Windows 10 computer. They update as needed but it’s not every freaking day like Razer. I just love this mouse, so much that I’ve given away 3 to friends and I’ll be using it as a give away to or clan guys in our next event. I even bought 2 more to hold onto in case they do away with this for some scary reason and I break mine. I’ve spent about a decade looking for a mouse that I loved after the Logitech MX1000 left my life. I have bought pretty much every multi-button programmable mouse since then and I’ve been disappointed in one way or another until now. My search is over and it’s even exceed the very device I was looking to re-create.***EDIT August 8, 2017***Six weeks in and this mouse is going strong. I’ve really started to utilize the feedback timers and such in game and wow that’s nice for training. I have several profiles setup, each game I play and for work and switching is easy. I’ve really come to like the software and I find it as easy to program now as I do my Logitech and other devices.Now to the hardware. I’ll admit it, I’m a no-life gamer and like I said above, I am an IT consultant that works from home. I use my computer for 12 hours a day at a minimum. Even on weekends I’ll be on my computer for 5+ hours. The buttons feel the same, the layout has really grown on me and I’m still not having any issues hardware wise. I’ll update again around the 6 month mark if I can remember, but for the price, even if I only got 90 to 120 days out of this device, I’d be happy. That’s how nice the button placement and usage is.*****EDIT March 29th, 2018*****Final edit on this product. Still use it, still love it, bought 2 more in case they ever go away. Not much else to say. 🙂 Still like the day I bought it other than the feet are beginning to show wear, but again, I’m on my computer 12+ hours / day for work or play. This thing has seen a TON of use. VERY happy with this product. Even if it were to give up the ghost in 3 months, and I don’t see that happening, it would still be worth it as I’ve been using this thing for a solid 9 months.

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    SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse – 12,000 CPI TrueMove3Plus Dual Optical Sensor – 0.5 Lift-off Distance – Weight…
    SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse – 12,000 CPI TrueMove3Plus Dual Optical Sensor – 0.5 Lift-off Distance – Weight… Price: $72.99 (as of 08/05/2021 11:30 PST- Details)

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